When Should You Stop Wearing Your Class Ring After High School?

when to stop wearing your class ring
when to stop wearing your class ring

93% of students from the ages of 18 to 24 have graduated from high school between 2001 to 2016.

High school graduation is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated. Unfortunately, this amazing achievement is sometimes ignored or quickly forgotten.

You receive flowers and a nice dinner, and then the excitement of graduation fades away. It’s replaced by the worries and stresses of finding a job or going to college.

With a class ring, you can celebrate that moment for a long time to come. The next question you’re wondering is when to stop wearing your class ring. 

But, how long can you wear your high school class ring? Should you be taking it off and only wearing it for reunions? Keep on reading to learn more about class ring etiquette like when to stop wearing your class ring.

How to Wear Your Class Ring Correctly?

Generally, people wear their class ring on the ring finger of their right hand. Since the left hand is usually reserved for a wedding ring, you can reserve the ring finger of your right hand for your class ring. Both are memories that you want to cherish and remember.

Before graduation, wear your ring with the insignia facing you. You should be able to read the name of your school.

After graduation, there’s a tradition that you should turn your ring around so that insignia faces others. This allows them to read the name of the school and you can show off your alumni status to others. Check out the different types of insignia available for your class ring. 

When to Wear Your Class Ring?

If you’re asking, “when should I stop wearing my ring”, you have come to the right place. There are no rules on when to wear your class ring. Wearing your class ring can make you feel proud and confident. 

You want to wear your class ring to remind yourself of your achievements. Whether you took the normal path to graduate high school or you had to go the long way around and come back to graduate high school as an adult. You want to memorialize that moment – a class ring allows you to do that.

Wearing too many rings can be a bit of a hassle. By ensuring that your wedding ring matches your class ring, you can happily wear both rings without any problems.

Whether your class ring is gold or silver, you can make sure that your jewelry matches it.

Some people choose to wear it on their pinky finger or their index finger. Others give it to their girlfriend as a loving gift or a promise ring. Some people only take it out for special occasions like high school reunions taking that moment to memorialize your accomplishments.

Wearing your class ring is a great way to show your school spirit, or even use the class ring to show someone you care about them.

As parents, we want to do the best for our children. People were expected to spend more than $5.1 billion on high school and college graduation gifts in 2020. You can get a class ring as a way to show your support and acknowledge all the hard work your kids have done. 

More importantly, you can look at the class ring and remember all the hard work that you put into your education to get you to where you are now. Twenty years down the line, you’ll look at your ring and remember your achievements. You can keep your options open by checking out the selection of class rings. 

When to Stop Wearing Your Class Ring?

There are no rules on when to stop wearing your high school class ring. When to stop wearing your class ring depends on your preference, and maybe a little bit on what type of ring you’ve chosen.

You wear your class ring because you want to. So, you get to choose when you want to stop wearing your class ring when you feel uncomfortable. You can stop wearing your class ring when it’s no longer your style.

Choose the Right Class Ring

A class ring is custom-made to fit your needs. You get to decide how your class ring will look. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can personalize your class ring.

You can choose your style – whether you want something traditional or sporty.

There are a ton of class rings to choose from. You can even choose what the sides of the class ring should say. Your passions and interests can be commemorated on the ring so you can be proud of your class ring.

You can choose the right finish for your ring. Adding the right glamour to your ring can make it feel more comfortable for you to wear your ring as long as you want.

If you choose the right class ring, you can wear it for as long as you want without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Add Your Birthstone

A birthstone is a gem that represents your period of birth. For example, a garnet if you’re born in January. Garnets represent trust and friendship.

You need to get an aquamarine ring if you’re born in March. Aquamarines are said to have healing powers, especially for the heart, liver, and stomach.

Each month has its special birthstone. You should wear your birthstone on your right hand. It is believed that a natural gemstone carries a specific energy. This energy can transfer to the person who wears them over time.

If you wear your birthstone, those qualities the gemstone represents are attracted to your world. A garnet can bring calm. A ruby can attract harmony. 

You can add your birthstone to your class ring to make it more personal. Keeping your birthstone next to you at all times can help you attract the right energy. This is the reason many people claim that they always wear their class ring and never take it off.

Great Conversation Starter

A class ring can be a great conversation starter whether you’re on a date or a boring work mixer. It can be a way to relive old moments when you get together on reunions.

For those that know about it, it’s a good way to exchange some information about yourself. For those who know nothing about class rings, it can still be a way to share something real about yourself.

A class ring is eye-catching and stands out. It’s an easy way to grab people’s attention and keep them interested.

Feel Empowered and Confident

If you feel shy or uncomfortable, sometimes the right outfit or the right jewelry can make all the difference. The right jewelry can make you give you a nice confidence boost.

If your parents or loved ones have gifted you a class ring, that feeling of love can leave you feeling positive. 

Your class ring should make you feel confident and secure. They can be the right accessory to make you feel proud. They can help you remember the good times and the bad times that got you through high school – making you the person you are today.

At the end of the day, there are no set rules for wearing your class ring. There are no rules on when to stop wearing your class ring.

To an Interview

The first advice you receive for going to an interview is to keep it simple. What you wear to the interview does depend on the type of industry, you’re applying to. A role in a fashion industry would be very different from a role at an accounting firm.

If you are looking to go into an interview, remember you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. This is the time to smile, shake hands, have strong eye contact, and speak clearly. Those 7 seconds will make a huge difference.

The research will make all the difference in your interview. If you’re lucky enough to attend the same school as your interviewees, a class ring can help solidify that immediate bond. It shows your commitment to your school and your success.

Remember, it depends on who the interview is with. Do your research before you decide whether to wear your class ring to your interview.

How Long After High School Is It Acceptable to Wear Your Class Ring?

The real question is how long you can wear your class ring after high school. There are several milestones ahead of you after high school. If you should celebrate each moment, then where does a high school class ring fit into the picture?

Your high experience made you stronger and made you the person you are today. It molded your personality and gave you the strength of character to meet the world head-on. This is what the class ring represents – courage and resilience.

If at any time in your life, you need courage and resilience, you can turn to your class ring.

Many people may think that the class ring is to show other people your achievements. In reality, it is to remind yourself of all your milestones. It is to give you the courage and strength to keep moving forward to the next achievement.

Right after High School

You can stop wearing your class ring right after high school. For those that don’t feel connected to their high school experience, this may be an option. Doing so means that you don’t get to use the class ring to its full potential.

A class ring represents hard work and achievement. Sometimes life can be difficult. You can keep your class ring to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

When You Get Your College Ring

If you have a lot of school spirit and a lot of good memories, you can choose to wear your high school class until you finish college or university. You will replace your high school class ring with your new college or university class ring.

At each milestone in your life, you want to have that as memorabilia. So, you never forget all your hard work. You will always strive for the best. A class ring is just a small reminder of how much you have accomplished so far.   

Only for Reunions or Special Occasions

You can keep that gold ring for reunions where you can reminisce with your friends. The class ring will keep you connected in a way that no other graduation gift can.  

You can also bring it out for other special occasions like a formal event such as a wedding or a dance. 

Your class ring says more than just “I miss high school”. It shows pride in your experience of high school and confidence in yourself. Your class ring will remind you of all that you’ve achieved in your life.

Just remember, there is no wrong way to wear a class ring.

How Can You Learn More About Class Rings?

You now know when you can wear your class ring, and when to stop wearing your class ring. Either way, the decision is up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Just know that the class ring is versatile, and you can use it in many different ways.

Contact us to find more information about class ring etiquette including repairs and warranties. We are here to help you live your best life with your perfect class ring. The custom class ring you get will commemorate those milestones in your life.

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