When Should I Order My Class Ring? A Complete Guide

when should I order my class ring
when should I order my class ring

Senior year can be very exciting but also very stressful! And whether you’re a high school or college senior, you’re probably juggling multiple things at once. For example, finals, prom, getting a job, and possibly moving.

During these times, you may forget to think about your class ring. Or maybe you have thought about it but you’re wondering “when should I order my class ring”? So if you want to know when the place time to order a class ring finger is, then keep reading!

History of Class Rings 

The wearing of a class ring began in 1835. But it was the students at West Point, a military academy, that first began this tradition. Years later, traditional learning academies would follow this tradition.

The class ring was created to show unity amongst peers by wearing a similar ring design. And each student would showcase something unique to them which would remind them of West Point, far after their graduation!

Years after West Point, other academies started following the same tradition. However, over time schools would begin offering customization options. For example, some schools would offer engravement services so that students could add their names or other significant details. 

Also, class rings back then were mostly gold but now they’re available in silver and platinum. Students can also pick the cut and size of the stone. And there are some variations between female and male class rings. 

When Should I Order My Class Ring

The timing of when do you get a class ring in college is important. At the earliest, you should get your class ring, the summer before your senior year. At the latest, you should get it during the first few days of senior year. 

This may seem too early. But in college, your ring ceremony will take place during the fall semester. Therefore, it will take place before the graduation ceremony. So you must order your ring before October hits! 

For high school students, most ring companies will begin showing their presentations and packet to juniors. This way, they can take home the ring information and discuss it with their parents. If both the parent and junior agree, an order can be started as early as junior year. 

However, most high school class rings are ordered during the fall semester. This way the senior can wear it on his prom day, the last day of school, and of course the graduation ceremony.

But if you plan on taking high school graduation pictures early, then you might want to order your class ring before this date. But if you don’t care about having your class ring in your pictures, then the fall semester is still a great time to order your ring!

How to Customize a Class Ring

Everyone’s academic career is unique and personal. Therefore, your class ring should reflect your own experience. To do so, you’ll have to speak to a professional ring maker.

During the first steps, you’ll answer some important questions. For example, what’s your ring size and if you have a material preference! During this time, you can also discuss any design ideas you may have. 

Your ring consultant may also offer payment plans at your convenience. And you’ll they should showcase some sample rings, just so you can get an idea!

You can also start picking an engraving for your ring. Most people choose to put their full name. However, you can choose something else that’s significant to you.

For example, a date, initials, or number! Most of the time, the engraving will go inside of the band, since the outside is occupied by your stone and class year.

The stone will usually be pre-picked since it has to be the same for every student. However, you’ll have a choice if you want the smaller or bigger-sized stone.

We recommend you get the larger size if you want to make a statement or you have larger hands. However, for smaller or daintier fingers, the smaller size will do just fine.

Once you have all of your measurements and engravings picked out, the ring specialist will start handcrafting your design. This process can take several weeks depending on the company and your class size.

How To Wear a Class Ring

You can wear your class ring with your everyday outfits or something more elegant. But there is no right or wrong way to wear your class ring. Years after you’ve graduated, you can still wear your class ring. 

But as a current senior, you can wear your ring during the entirety of your senior year. However, some students prefer to only wear the cases ring during special occasions like their ring ceremony, prom, and graduation.

Wearing Your Class Ring After High School

As mentioned above, wearing your class ring after high school is normal. In fact, wearing a class ring is a great opportunity to meet new people and to have a fun ice breaker! Therefore, many college freshmen, wear their high school class ring on orientation day.

You can also wear your school ring to your high school reunion. Overall, you can wear your class ring anytime after graduating. For college students, the same applies. You can wear your college class ring as many times as you like after graduation.

And if you graduated from a famous institute, it’s recommended you wear your class ring during socializing events or even a job interview. This will show others a little bit of your personality without saying too much!

Class Ring Etiquette

Knowing college class ring etiquette is very important as you don’t want to misrepresent your school– especially if you’re an athlete or part of the school committee. 

For starters, you’ll want to wear your ring facing yourself. This will let everyone know that your graduation is still pending.

However, on graduation day, you can turn your ring facing outward. This lets everyone know that you have graduated. Another class ring etiquette is to not wear your ring with other rings.

It’s best to keep that hand clear of other jewelry. This way your class ring is the main piece. Lastly, you should clean your class ring after every wear. This will deter any grime and dirt from forming on the band.

What Hand Do You Wear Your Class Ring On

Just like a wedding ring, you have to know where to wear a class ring. For starters, the wearing of a class ring finger started in 1835 in the military. Back then no one asked “what finger does a class ring go on” because there was no official rule on what college ring finger is right. 

However, after thoughtful consideration, it was ruled that the right ring finger was the best option. This way, people that were engaged or married, didn’t have to choose between wearing their wedding or class ring. Now, everyone wears their ring on the right hand, ring finger– regardless of they’re single or not!

Class Ring Symbol Meaning

Different schools have their tradition. So to get the most accurate class ring symbol, then ask your faculty member! However, most schools have the turning of the ring tradition. 

The turning of the ring can be done a few times before the official graduation. For example, some students have their friends, teachers, and families turn their rings. 

But the direction of the actual ring turning does vary from school to school. For example, some schools prefer a clockwise turn while others prefer a counter-clockwise turn.

In addition, some schools have several meanings. For example, the 14th person to turn your ring should be your significant other. While the last person to turn your ring before graduation should be someone very special to you.

Overall, ring symbols do hold a lot of contexts. But the best ring companies will help you design your ring to embody different symbols and meanings!

What Is a Junior Ring?

A junior ring signifies the passage of underclassmen into upperclassmen. Juniors can get a junior ring to symbolize their growth and their passage into the new senior class. 

A junior ring also signifies new leadership roles and opportunities. And it shows others your grade status. So if you’re a sophomore, then consider getting a junior ring!

How To Clean Your Class Ring

You must clean your class ring regularly to avoid rusting and fading. But there are special ways you should clean your ring so it doesn’t get damaged.

For starters, if you have a gold class ring, you should purchase a microfiber towel, a soft bristle brush, and a gold cleaning solution.

The microfiber towel can be used to polish and light clean your ring every day. However, for deep cleaning, you’ll need the brush and cleaning solution.

So start by taking your cleaning solution and pouring it into a 1/4 cup of lukewarm water. Then take your soft-bristle brush and lightly scrub away any grime or dirt.

After, everything has been scrubbed away, wash the ring under a faucet. Lastly, pat dries the ring with a microfiber town. But make sure you don’t rub when drying as this will cause scratching and fading. 

For silver and platinum rings, you can repeat the same steps. However, make sure you’re using a cleaner that is specific to your ring material. Lastly, for the stone, you can purchase a polishing agent and use a microfiber towel to enhance the stone. 

Are Class Rings Worth It?

There are many pros and cons to getting a class ring. So if you’re wondering if class rings are worth it, then keep reading our pros and cons list!

The Pros of Getting a Class Ring

First, class rings are a very old tradition that dates back to the 1800s. So taking a part in this long tradition can make you feel included and a part of something great.

Not to mention, class rings signify respect, hard work, and your school’s tradition and values. So if you were a big advocate for your school, then wearing something that reminds you of your experience, is great.

Some class rings can also signify wealth status and acceptance into other clubs. So if you’re going to an ivy league college, wearing your class ring can help you get into important clubs.

Another pro of getting a class ring is that you’ll always have a special trinket. So as time goes by, and you start experiencing new events, you’ll always have something that can bring you back to earlier memories.

Last but not least, some class rings grow in value after a few decades. Therefore, you could sell your ring after some years of owning it.

The Cons of Getting a Class Ring

There are some cons to getting a class ring. For example, some ring companies overprice their rings. That’s why it’s important to find the best ring company with fair prices.

Secondly, there are other accessories you can purchase now instead of a ring. For example, a t-shirt, yearbook, or pendant. However, none of these options will last you as long as a class ring!

Lastly, can appear bulky and large. Therefore, it can be difficult to wear every day, especially if you’re doing strenuous activities. 

Show Your Hardwork With a Class Ring

In this article, we answered the question “when should I order my class ring”. And now that you’re well informed, you can start planning for your class ring before all the craziness of senior year hits.

So head on over to our products page, for a full list of rings!

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