Wearing Your Class Ring After High School

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Wearing class rings is one of the most cherished high school traditions that has stood the test of time. The tradition has been around for almost 200 years now and is a good way to help students preserve the memories of the amazing time they have in high school.

However, the greatest concern among the class ring wearers is, how long after high school should you continue wearing the ring? Additionally, do you continue wearing the ring the same way after high school as you did before you graduate?

Given how much time, money, and thought you put on to get the perfect ring, it may feel frustrating if you start questioning its purpose after only a short time.

Therefore, before you do away with it, find out how you can continue enjoying this investment after high school.

Here is comprehensive information on wearing your class ring after high school.

History and Importance of Class Rings

The use of class rings dates back to ancient Egypt. During these years, the rings were worn to demonstrate belonging and connection to specific causes.

After Egypt, the ring was adopted in Rome, though at this time, they were called fellowship rings and were mainly used for religious reasons.

The use of class rings in learning institutions started back in 1835 when the United States military academy first wore these rings.

Back then, the students wore the rings to symbolize unity and the pride of graduating from a prestigious military school. Moreover, the rings were a memory of the time they had spent together.

Over the years, class rings have spread to almost all high schools and colleges in America. Although the rings were initially used to show unity and pride, they are currently mainly used to show and preserve students’ moments in school.

In the past years, schools had uniform rings that all students wore during the junior ring ceremonies. Luckily, many schools now allow students to wear a customizable class ring and get the kind they feel most comfortable wearing.

However, some schools insist that everyone’s class ring gem be of the same color even if they have different shapes and styles.

How to Wear Your Class Ring?

Unlike other common rings worn on the left hand, you should wear your class ring on your right hand. This helps avoid confusion with other types of rings, such as engagement or wedding rings.

Ideally, this ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand or the little finger of either hand. However, with the changing times, there are several adjustments to this rule, thus many ways through which you can wear the ring.

The currently most worn methods of the ring are:

The Ring Finger

Being the oldest way of wearing the ring, the ring finger is mainly used by people who want to be traditionists. When on this finger, the class ring looks simple and elegant and flatters almost any style.

Additionally, it is the safest finger to wear the ring if you are unsure where to have it, whether in high school or after graduation.

The Index Finger

The index finger is the way to go if you want a change from the traditional ring finger. Having your class ring on this finger shows how unconventional, eloquent, and put together you are.

Nevertheless, when getting the ring to wear on the index finger, ensure that it is not too big.

The Little Finger

The little finger or pinkie is the next most obvious choice of wearing the class ring after the right ring finger. Wearing the ring on this finger shows some level of formality.

Additionally, if you expect to keep your graduation ring on your hand for long, this is the best finger to wear it on.

The Middle Finger

The middle finger is probably the last finger where you could expect to wear a ring. However, if you need a finger where the ring can stay out of your way as you handle other tasks, this is the right one.

Moreover, if you want to show a don’t-care-much attitude, go for this finger.

The Thumb

One of the first things that you show by wearing a ring on the thumb is creativity. Although it may not be the best when on formal occasions, it displays you as a down-to-earth person.

However, to be on the safe side, try the ring on other fingers first before going for the thumb.

How Long After High School Should You Wear Your Class Ring?

Generally, there is no rule of thumb of how old you should be to stop wearing your class ring. Different people stop wearing the ring days, weeks, months, or even years after high school.

Therefore, if you want to keep wearing the ring after graduation, you are not alone in this.

You will come across many people who still have their class rings on even more than a decade after high school. The time you spend with the ring after high school is all about your preference.

If high school was not the best time of your life, you might want to do away with the ring as soon as possible.

However, remember that this does not change the fact that you went to that school. Most people who want to do away with the ring even days after high school are most likely not content with it.

For this reason, if you are comfortable with how the ring looks, it is best to continue wearing it. You can keep wearing the ring until it is no longer your style or it doesn’t fit you anymore.

Remember, it is easier to keep a ring looking good for long if you wear it than when you store it.

How Should You Wear the Ring After High School?

Ideally, during the junior ceremony, you wear the class ring with the school’s name facing inwards. This is to show that you are still in school. However, after you graduate, the ring faces outside to show the rest of the world that you have graduated.

When you outstretch your arm, people can see the name of the school you attended on the ring. You can then continue wearing the class ring this way for as long as you plan to wear the ring after high school.

Turning the Ring Ceremony

As its name suggests, the turning the ring ceremony is a ceremony for changing the way the class ring faces. As mentioned earlier, before graduation, the school’s name faces inwards but should face outwards after graduation.

This process of turning the ring is mostly done on graduation days. There are different traditions and practices done by different schools when turning the ring. For instance, some people turn the ring clockwise while others turn it anti-clockwise.

Either way, the spirit and reasons for the turning the ring ceremony remain the same. Some of the common turning the ring traditions are:

You Choose the Direction

There is no specific direction in which you turn the ring. Instead, the ring’s wearer can decide the direction in which they want the ring to turn. After you settle for a certain direction, ensure that everyone who turns the ring does it that way.

There Are Numbers With Different Meanings

Every school has different numbers in-ring turning. First, there is the number of times that the ring should turn. Additionally, some numbers have specific meanings.

For instance, you may find that the 14th person to turn the ring is your significant other. Therefore, find out what is expected with numbers in your school so that you can prepare accordingly.

Ring-Turning Ceremonies

While some schools do the ring turning on graduation day, others do them on class ring ceremonies. As students receive the rings from the faculty members, others who have had the rings before start turning them.

It is usually a good way to celebrate the upcoming graduation.

Someone Special Turns the Ring Last

Regardless of when the ring turns, the last person to turn it is usually special. Additionally, this person turns it in the opposite direction show that it will not turn anymore.

Therefore, you need someone special to turn the ring last; for instance, someone who has played a big role in your education, such as a parent or favorite teacher.

What Can You Do With an Old Class Ring?

If you are no longer content with your class ring, the good news is that you still have some options. Part of the reason why you invested much in the ring is so that you can reap its benefits for long. Your options with an old class ring include:

Sell It

If your class ring is of good quality and is still well taken care of, you can sell it and make a great profit. You can sell it either at an auction or to old ring buyers.

When selling the ring, have in mind the original price you bought it for to give you an idea of the best price to sell it.

Remake the Ring

Do you still feel too attached to the ring to let it go regardless of how it looks? If yes, remaking the ring is probably the best idea for you. You can start by contacting the company that made the ring and asking if they have a ring replacement program.

Some companies have discounts for replacing or remaking the ring, especially if you bought it in the last ten years.

Additionally, you can visit your former school or contact your friends to tell you how the ring originally looked and where it was made.

This will help you get the ring looking the exact way it looked originally.
Teachers and administrators will also help you know where you can remake the ring, especially if you bought the ring through the school.

You can also look for a reliable ring designer who can redesign the ring and make any changes that you would love to fit your current tastes and preferences.

Save the Ring

This ring that you feel already tired of looking at every day will be a treasure several years down the line. For instance, how will your children or grandchildren feel when they come across your class ring?

Therefore, you can start saving this ring as one of the future treasures that you will look at and feel proud of the life you have lived. Preserve it well, and you will be grateful that you did it several years later.

Continue Wearing the Ring

If you have not worn the ring for a while and wonder what to do with it, consider wearing it for a day. Sure, the ring probably doesn’t say much about you or does not match your current style.

However, if you try to have it on your finger for about a day, you will learn to appreciate it more.

You will feel nice of reminding yourself of your high school memories and might even consider remaking the ring to fit your current style and wear it more.

Can You Wear More Than One Class Ring?

If you have several classes, you might end up with more than one class ring. Wearing all your class rings is not illegal but might make your hands look exaggerated.

Therefore, get the most recent ring and stick with that one. Alternatively, you can get the ring of the class you loved most or the ring you find most beautiful and preserve the rest.

Don’t Feel Out of Place if You Wear Your Class Ring After High School

Wearing class rings has a definite time when it starts but does not have a definite time to stop.

For this reason, if you are still comfortable with your class ring even years after high school, don’t hesitate to wear it for whatever reason.

You can also get in touch with us for more information on wearing your ring after high school or how to get a good class ring.

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