The Ins & Outs of Class Rings: Why You Should Get Customized Class Rings in High School

Does high school bring up a flood of different emotions for you? Do you remember the early days of freshman year when you were petrified, not knowing what to expect? Or how about the struggle through math or science class?

Perhaps more thrilling times are called to mind, like the afternoons spent in an afterschool program you enjoyed, or evenings spent on the volleyball court.

No matter the recollection, high school will always be a pivotal, life-shaping time. This is where we learn who we are before we sail off to college and where we learn important skills that can translate into a lifetime of success.

At the close of this chapter, people often consider customized class rings in high school. They’re valuable tokens of a wonderful achievement. This is a tradition that has lasted through the generations, and with good reason.

They’re ever-present reminders of the many ways in which hard work pays off. Together, let’s take a closer look at these classic tokens of achievement.

There are a few things that symbolize the completion of your high school years. That is, when it’s time to order your cap and gown, you know you’re about to end a major chapter.

Likewise, when you’re given a catalog for class rings, or directed to a reputable website, you also know you’re nearing the end of an important time in life.

It’s endlessly exciting to craft your own piece of jewelry. In a moment, we’re going to discuss all the customization options, but there’s something thrilling about crafting your own ring.

As you sit home at night, you can decide on silver or metal tones, blue or green gemstones, and a plethora of other embellishments.

Each moment spent in this unique position will allow you to linger just a little while longer over the fact that you’ve made it through one chapter and into the next.

Surviving high school is no small feat. With all the social and emotional anxieties piled atop academic rigors, we must admit a high school diploma is a striking achievement.

Of course, the high school diploma itself seals the deal. That’s why so many people frame it and display it on the walls of their home or office. But you can’t exactly take it with you wherever you go.

Hallmarking your achievement with a classy piece of jewelry, however, will serve as an ever-present reminder of your accomplishments every time you glance down at it. You’ll remember how far you’ve already come and how much more you have within you still.

High school class rings are highly customizable. We can’t say this about a lot of our other pieces of jewelry (except, perhaps, an engagement ring).

You can choose the metal, the stone, the size, and the embellishments. As for class rings for girls, you can select a smaller, more feminine piece. Or, for men’s class rings, you can select a larger, more masculine piece.

Also, engraving is another option for customization. Although the year will be prominently displayed on the ring itself, you might choose to engrave your initials or a short word or message on the inside of the band.

Each of these details can be hand-picked, bringing a classic yet unique ring to life in no time at all. As you walk through life (and glance down at this reminder of your achievements), you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with exactly the same ring.

High school rings take on varying levels of significance. First, of course, they mark a major life achievement. So, they’re worn by the owner with pride and joy.

However, over time, we know customers who have given their rings to significant others as a mark of love and devotion. The recipient feels as though they’re wearing an important part of their partner’s life and can carry that around with them wherever they go.

Over time, class rings go on to become family heirlooms. And, if subsequent generations all go to the same high school, then things become even more significant.

It’s nice to wear a piece of jewelry from a parent or grandparent’s alma mater. It carries a similar concept to those who lovingly give their ring to a significant other.

The moment you slip on a parent’s or grandparent’s ring, you’re instantly carrying a part of them with you wherever you go. Whether that reminds you of their strength, their love, or any number of attributes, it will be an uplifting piece of jewelry to glance down at throughout the day.

As you can see, buying customized class rings in high school is worth its weight in gold. This isn’t a piece of jewelry that will be worn for a short time and then promptly forgotten. Rather, it can go on to become a family heirloom.

If you’re wondering where to buy class rings for your son or daughter, we want you to know Class Rings Museum is the authority on class rings and the best place to buy them.

We look forward to delivering a class ring that will last several lifetimes.

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