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Ring Metals: 15 Things You Should Know About Metal Rings

Ring Metals

Are you looking to immortalize your graduation with a stylish class ring, but you’re not sure which metal to choose from? Despite common belief, silver and gold aren’t the only good options for rings. Each metal has its own properties, look, and feel – and choosing the one that matches your style is important! Well-designed […]

The Ins & Outs of Class Rings: Your Ultimate Student Guide to Class Ring Stones

Every student needs a crash course in buying class ring stones. When you look down at your new class ring, what color do you want to see? The gemstone you select can represent a range of special memories, from your birthstone to your school mascot. As you design the perfect ring, this is one important […]

The Ins & Outs of Class Rings: What Are Class Rings?

Class rings have a history that goes back at least a few hundred years – however, there’s some who believe that the tradition goes back all the way to the time of Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. Typically class rings are part of a strong tradition meant to bring graduating students from the same school and […]

The Ins & Outs of Class Rings Brought To You By Class Rings Museum: Book Preview

Introduction When it comes down to it, a class ring is so much more than a keepsake. It’s so much more than a simple metal band to commemorate an accomplishment like a high school graduation. It’s so much more than an ordinary piece of jewelry. You see, a class ring has history and tradition behind […]