How to Model Your Class Ring in Pictures and at Events

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In 2021, 17.031 million students graduated from high school. Graduation is a time to celebrate all your achievements over the past four years. One of the best ways to commemorate your graduation is with a class ring. 

Class rings are a symbol that represents you and your time with a particular scholastic institution. But class rings can be fun too. You can wear your class ring and show it off for photos and events. 

In this guide, we’ll explain when and how to wear class rings. As well as some special ways to take pictures with your class ring.

Want to know more about wearing and photographing class rings? Keep reading this guide for more information.

How to Wear Class Rings

Typically, if you are still in school, you will wear your class ring with the writing and the emblems of the school pointed toward you. This way you can see and read your ring when you look down to admire it.

When you graduate, you turn your ring so the school’s name and logo point outwards. This is so others can see your ring and identify where you went to school. Your class ring is your connection to other alumni at your high school or university.

Another point to know about class rings is that they are worn on the ring finger of your right hand. The left-hand ring figure is reserved for wedding and engagement rings.

Wearing your class ring on your left hand’s ring finger may confuse people who think you are engaged or married. Though some who met their significant other in school may want to wear their class ring with their engagement or wedding ring to feature this.

However, if you wish to wear your class ring on another finger on your right hand, you may also do so. Some people prefer to wear their class ring on their pinky or thumb for an alternative ring styling. Or they will wear it on their index (pointer finger) instead.

When to Wear Class Rings

Of course, you should wear your class ring for your graduation ceremony. As well as any special events leading up to graduation day or any parties that may follow.

If you have a special graduation trip planned, wear your class ring on your trip to get some truly memorable photos you’ll look back on years later and treasure.

If you are wondering how long you should wear your class ring before taking it off completely, that choice is up to you. There is no set rule about when to stop wearing your class ring altogether, only suggested guidelines.

Some choose to stop wearing their high school class rings when they start college. Others may opt to wear their class rings in conjunction with other rings for added style. Or they may wear only their class ring for special occasions such as a class reunion event. 

College graduates will often choose to wear their university class rings from renowned colleges as a sign of prestige in a professional workplace. If they receive a Master’s or Doctorate degree, they will get a class ring to commemorate this too. 

If a class ring from a family member has been passed down to another family member or is inherited as an heirloom, that ring may be worn on a special occasion like a birthday as a tribute to its original wearer. 

Photographing Your Class Ring

When taking pictures with your class ring, you should always make sure it is clean and polished so it will look its best right alongside you in the photographs.

For extra fun, you could do a special class ring photo shoot much like is done for an engagement shoot where you photograph your class ring in artistic or entertaining ways. You are really only limited by your imagination.

How you decide to photograph your class ring is up to you. But if you need some help coming up with a theme or a concept, here are some ideas you can use.

Selective Color Photo

A selective color photo is done in black and white for the majority of the photo with one focal point in the photo in color. This is accomplished with a filter or photo editing software.

Using this technique, you can choose to highlight your class ring. This will make your ring’s center stone color appear especially vibrant in the photo and make it pop.

You can wear the class ring on your finger or pose it in the photo will other props such as a rolled-up facsimile of a diploma and your graduation cap. 

Superhero Class Ring Photo

Now that you’re graduating, you’re ready to take on the world. Use your class ring as a prop in a superhero photoshoot. You can go as small or as big as you want. Get a cape to decorate if you want and be Super Grad with your ring as a source of your power. 

Hold your ring towards the camera with your hand in a closed fist. In the next shot, point your ring towards the sky and add visual effects or use sparklers.

To take this idea to the next level, get your friends together with their class rings and stand in dramatic poses. Each one holding their rings out in front of them, up to the sky, or in a hands-in circle or group shot with all the rings together. You can have your own League of Extraordinary Graduates.

Big Ring Tiny Grad Photo

With forced perspective, you can make smaller items appear larger than they are. Put your ring in the foreground in front of the camera with the open circular part up. The top of the ring is mounted upright not flat.

Go into the background behind the ring and position yourself so that it looks as if you are standing inside the ring’s circle.

This unique angle will give the appearance that the ring is gigantic and that you are miniature. 

Play Up the Color Photo

If you have a favorite color or your class ring’s center stone is a specific color, then set up a photoshoot with that one color.

For instance, if your favorite color is pink and your class ring’s stone is also pink, then incorporate that to be the primary color in the photo. You could have pink cotton candy, pink balloons, pink flowers. You’ll have as much fun picking out the colored items for your shoot as you will doing the shoot.

You can also do this with your school colors. Use one or both of your school’s main colors to do a color-themed photo shoot. 

Lord of the Ring Photo

If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, now’s your chance to show it off. And you just so happen to have the perfect accessory for it. Your class ring!

Find a grassy area to make your own Shire. Wear your class ring on a chain around your neck and venture with your friends to Mordor in this combo class ring and cosplay-themed photoshoot.

Take a standalone photo of your class ring with the quote “One ring to rule them all.”

Ancient Lost Treasure Photo

Any fan of adventure movies like Indiana Jones will surely have a field day doing an Indy-based class ring photoshoot. With some basic Indiana Jones props like the iconic hat, jacket, and whip, you can re-create the famed treasure-grabbing scene.

Use decorative rocks and other backyard items to build an altar or pedestal to display your class ring as the ultimate treasure. Remember to have a fake ring to switch out for the real thing. Just watch out for snakes and giant boulders. 

Faith-Based Photo

If you have a certain faith that plays a big role in your life, pay tribute to it with your class ring photoshoot. If you wish to use a specific verse or passage, use a special family book that pertains to your religious or faith-based beliefs, such as the Bible. 

Turn to the page with your chosen verse or passage and lay your class ring on that page. You may want to highlight it physically in the book or you can use the camera’s selective focus to emphasize it. Use filters for a more striking effect.

Generations Photo

The idea behind this is simple. Get other family members to pose in a photo all wearing their class rings together. Or take a photo with your family’s class rings lined up in a row side by side.

Not only is this a great way to get the family involved in your celebration, but it will also make for an amazing family photo to cherish for years to come. Class rings are even available for children.

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