Gemstone Meaning: 12 Examples of Gemstones and What They Represent

gemstone meaning

Despite the fact that there are more than 2000 different types of minerals, less than a hundred of those are considered gemstones. Those that have been considered gemstones, however, have some truly special meanings. 

One piece of jewelry that you can imbue with meaning through gemstones is class rings. By choosing to use jewels that have powerful gemstone meanings in your class ring, you can make the piece even more significant. 

So, are you ready to learn more about gemstone and their meanings in this guide? Let’s check it out so you can make the idea class ring!  

1. Alexandrite Gemstone Meaning

Alexandrite is actually one of June’s birthstones, apart from the pearl, making it ideal for any June baby who wants their class ring design to reflect their birth month. 

This beautiful stone was originally mistaken for emeralds when it was discovered because it has a rich, green color. However, when the miners who found it put it under light, the stone transformed into a reddish-purple color. That’s when they knew they’d discovered a whole new stone!

The stone is named after Alexander II, a Russian Tsar from the mid-1800s. The jewel was named for him because it was originally discovered in Russia.

Today, people believe that this stone stands for luck and intellect. The color-changing properties of the ring have long since been associated with good fortune, which is one reason many people seek it out. 

2. Amethyst Gemstone Meaning

Amethyst is another stunning gemstone that looks great in class rings. This stone has a rich purple color, and thanks to that, also has a rich history. 

Purple has long been called the color of royalty because of the high cost to produce purple pigments and dyes. As such, this purple gem was often worn by elite individuals. 

Apart from its association with royalty, amethysts were thought to prevent drunkness in ancient Greek society. The reasoning behind this is that the ring was tied to the god of wine due to its purple color. 

Today, the general consensus is that amethysts symbolize intelligence, clear-headedness, and quick wits. Crystal healers sometimes associate the crystal with pain relief and preventing insomnia. 

3. Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning

If you’re planning to buy a class ring, another beautiful gemstone you can consider is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a gemstone that symbolizes good health, courage, and mental clarity. 

On top of that, the name of the stone comes from the Latin word for water. The stone is said to protect sailors and is also closely associated with mermaids. Legends even have it that these stones get washed ashore when they fall out of mermaids’ treasure chests!

Aquamarine is a gorgeous, pale blue stone. Even if you don’t have any close ties with the sea, its symbolism of courage and health can be great meanings to add to your class ring.  

4. Citrine Gemstone Meaning

Citrine is November’s birthstone and is also a type of quartz. This stone is said to provide vitality and energy to the wearer. 

Chinese folklore also states that the gemstone will bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer. 

In modern society, most people view this stone as being for healing and positive energy. If you want to get rid of negativity in your life, you might want to think about infusing your ring with citrine!

5. Diamond Gemstone Meaning

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when you learn about their meaning, you might understand why. 

For hundreds of years, diamonds have been considered a symbol of status and wealth. They’re extremely precious gemstones, so much so that the ancient Greeks believed that the stones came from shooting stars that had fallen to the earth. 

The Romans also gave these stones special meaning. They believed that the cheeky god Cupid used diamond-tipped arrows to pierce his victims. 

In the Middle Ages, diamonds maintained their unique meaning. Doctors began using them to help cure all kinds of illnesses, as they believed that it was a stone of cleansing. 

Other ancient cultures believed that diamonds provided strength and courage and could protect people from danger. If that’s not a good meaning to take with you as you transition from high school to college, we don’t know what is!

6. Emerald Gemstone Meaning

Did you know that emeralds carry the meaning of foresight and intuition? That’s right! Just by wearing an emerald on your finger, you may be able to gain deeper knowledge and clarity of thought. 

One funny legend states that if you place an emerald tongue you’ll have the ability to see the future. Even if that’s true, we wouldn’t recommend trying it!

Other meanings behind emeralds include the thought that it protects against sickness and black magic. If you’re wanting to stay safe, you can wear an emerald to keep evil at bay. 

Finally, emeralds have an association with truth and love. During the ancient Greek empire, these stones were symbolic of Venus, the goddess of love. 

7. Garnet Gemstone Meaning

Garnets, like amethysts, are gemstones that are commonly associated with the rich and powerful. Garnets are also the January birthstone and come in a range of different colors. 

People have been assigning meaning to garnets for centuries, starting with the ancient Egyptians. In that time, pharaohs wore garnets as a symbol of their power and connection to the divine. 

In ancient Greece, garnets were thought to be grown from the seeds of Persephone’s pomegranates. They were used for spiritual protection, and continue to serve that purpose in some cultures today. 

A modern meaning that many people attribute to garnets is passion. If you’re looking for a sensual stone, the garnet might be the choice for you. 

8. Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Meaning

If you’ve ever seen a lapis lazuli stone then you know this gem has a rich, blue color that’s reminiscent of the night sky. It’s an absolutely stunning gemstone whether you wear it in a class ring or on a necklace!

Lapis lazuli is a stone with plenty of meaning. It’s generally called the wisdom stone and is used as protection against mental and psychic attacks. 

In addition to that, people believe that lapis lazuli symbolizes self-awareness, harmony, honesty, and peace. It’s also said to help those who suffer from several diseases such as vertigo, insomnia, and depression.

9. Moissanite Gemstone Meaning

Moissanite is an incredible gemstone because it comes from meteorites that fall to earth. That means that this gemstone is quite literally from outer space!

Moissanite has a rich history, first being discovered by Henri Moissan back in 1893. When Moisson discovered the gem, he found it sitting in the crater of an old meteorite that had landed in Arizona. 

While Moissan originally thought that the stones were diamonds, he quickly realized that they were made of a special chemical makeup found in space. That was when he realized this was a stone with much more meaning!

Since moissanite is so strong, it’s said to represent unbreakable love. It’s often used in engagement rings between couples, although you can also put it on your class ring if you like!

10. Opal Gemstone Meaning

Opals are truly unique gemstones in that they can exhibit tons of different colors just within one stone. Because of that, these stones are usually thought to have magical powers. 

In ancient Rome, the stones were symbols of hope and love. In ancient Greece, these stones were thought to prevent disease. They were also used as symbols of prophecy. 

Today, these gemstones continue to have a special significance. They’re thought to mean hope, purity, and truth. 

Finally, opals are considered to be life-preserving stones. We know college can make you feel like you need a life preserver, so maybe this is a good stone for your high school class ring!


11. Ruby Gemstone Meaning

Rubies are rich, red gemstones and are closely related to sapphires. In fact, you’ll never find a red sapphire because that’s classified as a ruby!

In ancient India and Burma, rubies were offered to the god Krishna. People believed that in doing so, they ensured that they would become an emperor in one of their future lives. 

Other meanings behind these gems include peace and safety. In European culture, the stones are often associated with wealth, wisdom, and health as well. 

12. Sapphire Gemstone Meaning

Last but certainly not least on our list of gemstones that you can use for your class ring is the sapphire. Sapphires are stunning stones that are usually blue.

Blue is a color that symbolizes honor and fidelity. As such, this used to be a ring that was used in engagement rings, before diamonds became the popular choice!

Another interesting thing to know about sapphires is that they’re closely associated with royalty. The stones were thought to attract abundance and blessings, so we can see why rulers wanted to wear them!

Another meaning behind sapphire is that they guard innocence and promote health. Plus, some say that they help you attain spiritual clarity.  

Imbue Your Class Ring With Special Meaning

By knowing the gemstone meaning of the jewels that adorn your class ring, you can enjoy an even more meaningful accessory. It’s a great way to make your class ring unique to you and to give it extra significance. 

Are you ready to order a class ring of your own? Shop our class rings and find one that you love!

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