Everything You Need to Know About Class Ring Repairs and Warranties

ring repairs
ring repairs

Did you know that about 3.93 million high school students will graduate in the Class of 2025? 

Graduations are an important rite of passage. Each graduation, whether it’s high school, college, or university, is a milestone, and you want to remember it as such. Unfortunately, as time passes, we forget these milestones. 

A college class ring can help remind you about all of your milestone moments. You are probably wondering how to wear a class ring, what finger does it go on, when to order your class ring, and where to wear a class ring. You may even be wondering if a class ring is worth it. You can get more information about these questions on our website.  

Once you have these questions about college class ring etiquette answered, you need to know how to repair your class ring, so it stays with you for a lifetime. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about class ring repairs and warranties.

How to Wear a Class Ring?

A class ring is a ring that students wear to memorialize their graduation. It can be for a high school, college, or university graduation. You can have customized class rings with your birthstone. The materials of the ring, the cut, the style – you can customize all of it.

There has been an increase in the demand for class rings that are fashionable and unique. 

A class ring is generally worn on the right ring finger. It commemorates the occasion of your graduation and reminds you of all the hard work that you put into your education. The end result of all of that work is graduation, and you need to remember that moment.

Depending on the material of the ring, you can wear your ring all the time. You can wear it in the shower or while working or working out. Your class ring can stay with you for a long time to come.

The more you use your hands to work, the more you can damage your ring over time. Even if you don’t use your hands, your class ring can get damaged or worn out over time.

They can start to bend or thin out. They can even break. Remember, your class ring will stay with you for a lifetime. If you think your class ring is breaking, you can always get it fixed.

What Happens if My Class Ring Breaks?

A class ring should last you a lifetime. Just like a wedding ring, a class ring that you wear all the time can be subject to a lot of damage.

With the right fit, you can even forget that you’re wearing a class ring. It can get bent, damaged, or lose its stones. The back of the ring can thin and break over time. 

You’re also not the same person you used to be in high school or college. You can gain weight or lose weight, so you’ll need to resize the class ring.

If this happens, don’t worry. All is not lost. You can easily repair your class ring.

How Difficult Is It to Repair a Class Ring?

Repairing a class ring can get a little difficult. This is because a class ring is designed to be unique to you. This means that your class ring will have intricate designs and details. You can even have your college name and year engraved into it. 

You can have your mascot or school symbol carved into it. Depending on the design you choose, you can even have stones in the design.

The type of material used to make the ring can also complicate the ring repairs process. There are a number of different materials for class rings to choose from.   

5 Common Ways Your Class Ring Can Get Damaged 

There are a number of ways any ring can be damaged, but a class ring has additional features that you need to take into account. The additional engravings, the detailed carvings, the inlaid stone – all these features can fade over time.

1. Wear and Tear

Over time, a class ring can just lose its luster. It can start to look dirty or old. This is when you need to consider restoring your class ring to its former glory.

For some class rings, it’s just a matter of polishing and cleaning the ring. The metal on the ring can start to tarnish. You can also just accumulate dirt and dust because of years of wearing the ring.

The right jeweler can buff the ring taking the layers of dirt away. They can also remove the oxidation. If there are scratches on the ring, then buffing can also get rid of the scratches.

With the right jeweler, you can have your class ring looking completely new. 

A visual piece like a class ring can attract a lot of attention. You want to make sure that the class ring looks just as good as it did on the first day you wore it.

2. Replacing the Stone

Over time, stones can also fall off your class ring. This is a problem for any ring that you have. Not having all the stones in your ring can make it look cheap and old.

A jeweler can find the right stone to replace your lost stone. They will make sure that it’s the right size, the right color, and the right fit. At the end of the day, you won’t even know that you lost a stone.

3. Faded Plating

If you have a gold-plated ring, then you’ll need to have them re-plated over time. This is because the plating can wear down over time, revealing the metal underneath.

Fixing this is really easy, and a good jeweler can do this quickly and efficiently for you. They’ll first buff the ring, making it a smooth surface again and getting rid of all the old plating. Then, they will dip the ring in a plating tank.

You’ll get a new-looking ring in no time.

4. Shank Thinning

The thinner edge of the class ring also called the shank, can start to thin over time. The more the shank of your class ring becomes thin, the more chances it has of breaking. Whether your ring is thinking or broken, you can rest assured that the ring can be fixed easily.

A jeweler can replace the original band with a thicker and stronger band. They can replace a portion of the shank or the full band, depending on how much damage is on the ring. Once you have a new shank, you don’t need to worry about your class ring for a long time to come.

5. Resizing

Maybe we all wish that we have our 21-year-old body forever. Of course, this isn’t really a possibility. As your body changes, so do the fit of your class ring. 

Pregnancies, weight gain, or weight loss can all result in your class ring not fitting right. You don’t want to put your class ring away in a box and forget all about it. You want to be reminded of all your hard work and your milestones daily.

Seeing the ring can be motivational and inspiring.

This is why you’ll be happy to know that a class ring can be easily resized. A jeweler can cut into the band and make it tight. They can also add more material to make the band looser.

The type of material used to make the ring can also complicate the repair process. There are a number of different materials for class rings to choose from.

How Can You Take Care of Your Class Ring?

You can take some steps to take care of your ring on a regular basis.

To ensure that your ring doesn’t lose its luster, wash your ring in a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Dry your class ring with a soft, clean cloth.

Make sure not to use a rough or harsh cloth to dry the ring, as that can lead to more damage and scratches.

Avoid contact with mercury. Mercury and other harsh acids can have a severe permanent negative impact on your class ring. If you are going to use these materials, remember to take off your class ring and keep it somewhere safe. 

Always remove your class ring before playing sports or doing heavy labor. Wearing the ring can end up injuring you and causing some real damage to the ring. You can end up really damaging the stone in your ring.

Does My Class Ring Have a Warranty?

Ring repairs can end up costing you, depending on the amount of damage on the ring. Luckily, a class ring is an investment in yourself. Because of the amount of work and details that go into your class ring, they usually come with a limited lifetime warranty.

A limited lifetime warranty means that you can go back to the seller, and they will repair or replace the class ring under certain conditions. 

Ring Repairs Without Charge  

There are certain repair services that the seller will make without charge:

  • Resize class rings
  • Clean and polish your ring
  • Restore the original finish on your ring
  • Replace defective, broken, or lost synthetic or simulated stones
  • Shipping the ring back to you within the United States

What is Not Include in the Warranty

Sometimes the class ring can be defective, to begin with. Under a limited warranty, the seller will repair these defects in workmanship or material. 

In the case the seller can’t fix the repairs, they will provide you with a new or replacement ring for free. If the same ring is not available, then they’ll replace it with a product of a similar design and comparable value. 

The seller can replace defective, broken, or lost simulated stones under warranty. If the stone in your ring is a genuine stone or diamond, then it will likely not be covered under warranty. 

If your year of graduation changes or you change our high school before graduation, then the seller will make those changes on your ring under warranty. Most sellers will change the crest of the name of the school once.

If the ring is damaged through normal wear and tear, some warranties will allow you to exchange the ring for something of a current design.


The tradition of wearing a class ring started in the year 1835 where the students of the United States Military Academy at West Points were the first ones to wear a class ring. These class rings can be very valuable. 

In some cases, you may also be able to trade in your class ring and get a credit towards the purchase of another ring at any time. The value of your trade-in depends on the type of material of your current class ring.

Trade-in value usually applies to gold rings. The value of the credit will usually be based on the gold price on the world market at the time you want to trade the ring in.

Read the Fine Print On Your Class Ring Warranty

Remember to read the fine print of your warranty to know when the warranty applies.

Before you go to anyone else to make these adjustments or changes, ask the original seller first. They can tell you whether the class ring repairs are covered under warranty or not. Going to another jeweler to make adjustments on your class ring can end up voiding your warranty.

Where to Buy Your Class Rings?

You can learn a lot more about class rings on our website. You can learn how to wear a class ring or what finger does a class ring goes on. You can learn more about class ring etiquette. You can even learn what class ring symbols mean. 

Now that you know about class ring repairs and warranties, you can look into buying your own perfect high school class ring or college class ring that will last you a lifetime. Come and check out our collection of class rings that are just right for you! 

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