College Class Ring Etiquette Rules to Remember

college class ring
college class ring

The pandemic has had an impact on graduations worldwide. Traditional graduations had been put on hold because of the pandemic. Now, colleges in the United States are looking forward to holding in-person spring graduation ceremonies. About 4,000,000 college students may graduate in 2021.  

After a long, grueling, and complicated college experience in the pandemic, you will be graduating soon. You can finally experience the joy of in-person graduation. A college class ring can help you mark the milestone.

You came through one of the toughest college experiences, went through a pandemic, and came out stronger on the other side. A college class ring can commemorate your achievement. Keep on reading to learn everything you want to know about college class ring etiquette.

Graduation Tradition

You get a class ring to commemorate one of the most important achievements of your life – your graduation. Whether it is your high school, college, or university graduation, a class ring reminds you that you worked hard towards your accomplishments over the last few years.

If you chose to complete these graduations at a later stage in your life, then graduation has even more meaning to you. It should not be forgotten in the daily hustle of life.   

It’s easy to forget all your milestones as life takes over. The deadlines of a job or the lure of a paycheque can make you forget what an amazing person you are. You may need a daily reminder of your hard work and accomplishments.

A college class ring provides that perfect reminder and is a constant celebration of you.

The Right Hand and Finger

The placement of a ring can have many different meanings. There is a reason we always wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand. There is tradition and history behind that placement.

Before we go any further, you should know that there are no set rules on where you should wear your college class ring.

Right or Left Hand

There are no blanket rules about which hand you should wear your college class ring on. While a wedding ring is generally worn on the left hand, the college class ring can be worn on the right hand. You can even wear it on the pinky finger of either hand. 

Right Ring Finger

Most people choose to wear their college class ring on the right ring finger. This ensures that there is no confusion between the college class ring and other rings you may choose to wear.

Most people are aware of this placement, so they’ll know why you’re wearing the ring automatically. Depending on the number of rings you choose to wear, it is also one of the easiest places to wear the ring.

This is the classic placement of the ring. The placement of the ring on the right ring finger flatters any style. It looks simple and elegant, without trying too hard.

Pinky Finger  

Wearing a ring on the pinky finger can have many different interpretations. A pinky ring has been associated with power. It’s not surprising wearing your ring on the left pinky finger has a connection to the mafia or the Sopranos. At one time, wearing a ring on the left pinky finger has a completely different meaning and meant that a man was married

Choosing to wear a ring on the right pinky finger means that you will be among many professionals who choose to do the same. Wearing your class ring on the right pinky finger is a symbol of graduation from a particular profession.

Engineers wear a plain silver ring on their pinky fingers. This “Iron Ring” reminds them of the engineer’s ethics and obligations. 

Index Finger

In the past, many people wore their signet rings on their index fingers. Since it was the most used finger, it made it easier to stamp important documents. 

You can also choose to wear your college class ring on your index finger. It is the pointing finger and can fit the big college class rings easily without looking too bulky.

If you choose to wear your college class ring on your index finger, you may want to choose a wide design that suits the index finger.


A thumb ring implies creativity. It has been seen as a sign of wealth and power. A bold and chunky college class ring can look good on your thumb. 

A thumb ring can also have many other interpretations. According to historical traditional beliefs, a thumb ring can act as a protection against evil spirits. A thumb ring also represents love and dedication in the Renaissance era. Its uniqueness can also be seen as a symbol of freedom.

Of course, depending on how you design your college class ring, it can also get caught in clothes. It might take some time to get used to wearing a thumb ring.

The Tradition of Turning the College Class Ring

One of the most important college class ring etiquette is the “Turning of the Ring” tradition. You should wear the ring facing you before graduation. You should be able to read the name of the school when you wear the ring.

Wearing the ring facing you shows that you haven’t graduated yet. This shows that the school is personal to you. You still need to be able to see the name of your school.

After graduation, you can do a little ceremony with your friends to turn the ring. This can be an important ceremony for you because it marks the moment. It shows pride and achievement.

Once you graduate, your college class ring should face outward. That means anyone looking at the ring should be able to read the name of your school. Now, your accomplishments are for the world to see.

Choose the Right Stone for You

Your stone can have many meanings. Your college class ring is an investment that will last a lifetime. So, you should choose the right stone for you.

The tradition for many people is to choose their birthstone. You can even choose one of the school colors that you like and resonate with. The different birthstones have different meanings and bring with them a different type of energy. 

If you’re born in May, your birthstone is an emerald. Not only is the emerald a beautiful color, but it represents youth, rebirth, and wisdom. Keeping your birthstone close to you means that you always attract those energies in your life.

Being born in December means that you should keep a Tanzanite next to you. A Tanzanite is a violet-blue gemstone that represents love and confidence. A December birthstone could also be turquoise which brings wisdom and higher truth. Keeping a turquoise with you means that will have clarity and strength in your voice. It will allow you to voice the wisdom that is already there in your heart.

You should feel happy every time you look at your college class ring. It should remind you of your milestones and your accomplishments. If you choose a stone that you like, you’ll feel that positive energy every time you see your college class ring.

Pay Attention to Proportion

If you have small hands, wearing a massive college class ring can look odd. 

Remember to pay attention to proportions. Wearing large rings can look clunky or out of place if you have small hands.

If you have larger hands, then a small ring can look off-balance as well. Your college class ring is an investment that will last you a lifetime. Finding that right balance can make all the difference.

If you have a ring that is proportionate to your size, you can wear your college class ring with confidence for a long time to come.

Balance Rings Across Your Hands

If you wear more than one ring, you should consider balancing your rings across your hands. Wearing a big watch, a sleek leather band and a couple of clunky rings on a single hand can look be a bit unbalanced.

A cleaner approach to wearing jewelry is to spread it across both hands. Move the rings around to create a balanced silhouette.  

Maximum Number of Rings

Wearing too many rings can come across clunky and overwhelming. It all depends on the size of the different rings. Wearing 2-3 clunky big rings can be too much.

It can more elegant if you have a different collection of rings of different sizes with one big ring as the focus. If your college class ring is your focus, make sure to keep all the other jewelry you wear a little understated.

Wear your college class ring with confidence. You worked hard to get here, and you should be proud of all your achievements. A college class ring is just a way to remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve done.

Match Your Metals

There is an old tradition that says you need to match your metals. If you have a silver college class ring, there was an expectation that you would want to ensure that all other rings you wear were silver. Now, there is no such restriction.

Mixing and matching styles are a good way to remain trendy. If done correctly, you can come across as trendy and elegant. Mixing metals can be a way you can explore your creativity and fashion sense.

Some people like to ensure that their wedding rings match their college class ring. This may be a good long-term solution for you if you like to stick to the classics.  

Remember that there is no set rule. Your wedding ring and your college class ring are lifetime investments. You can choose to wear any jewelry that complements them without feeling restricted in any way.

Deeply Personal

A college class ring is deeply personal. You get to design your college class ring. You choose what you valued during your experience and what you want to highlight.

You can choose to get the same ring as your friends to remain connected over the years, or you can pick something that is uniquely you.

If the sports team you were on has meaning to you, you will want to highlight that achievement. You can symbolize your law degree by a balance and scales. Your class ring will always highlight the year of graduations so that you can memorialize the moment.

Remember there is no etiquette when it comes to college class rings as long as it has meaning for you and it makes you feel confident and empowered. 

Every College Class Ring Sends a Message

Every ring sends a different message. Your college class rings will send a different message of its own. Remember the message that your college class ring sends is set by you.

If you’re confident in your achievements, that is the message your college class ring will give as well. 

Finding the Right College Class Ring for You

Now you know what the different ways you can wear the ring are. You also know all the college class ring etiquette. You’re ready to choose your college class ring and commemorate this special occasion. 

The last couple of years have been difficult for college students. You or your college student had to deal with the lockdown.

You had to adjust to virtual classes and all of the technological mishaps that came with them. You had to try to give exams with family yelling in the background distracting you.

You must recognize and commemorate this experience. Check out our unique and wide-ranging collection of rings to get you started. Pick your perfect college class ring so you can remember how much you accomplished in this unusual pandemic time!

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