Class Rings: Unique Ways to Mix Up Wearing a Ring

wearing a ring

Do you love the idea of a class ring but dislike the feeling of anything on your fingers? Are you worried that there are no other ways to utilize a class ring with an outfit?

There’s no need to fret because class rings are the perfect accessory for any style. With a little bit of creativity, wearing a ring in an uncommon way is easier than you think. It’s exciting to think of innovative ways to show off such a memorable piece of jewelry as a class ring.

To help you find your fashion inspiration, we’ve put together a guide with plenty of unique ideas to get you started. Learn all about it down below!

Creative Ways to Wear a Ring

Wearing a ring on your finger is the intended way, but it’s not always the best way.

What if you hate wearing rings? What if you need to use your hands for a project that’ll ruin the ring? What if you want to explore a new type of fashion?

This is why everyone needs to know alternative ways to wear a class ring. Even if you tend to wear it on your finger, at least there are other options when you need them.

The good news is that there are many other ways to show off your high school class ring that doesn’t require you to wear it on your finger. Some ideas may take a little bit of prep work, but the excitement of a new way to wear an accessory makes it all worth it!


One of the most common ways to wear a ring that doesn’t use your fingers is to turn it into a necklace. The nice thing about this style is that it’s easy to do and easy to customize.

It turns the class ring into a unique pendant that doesn’t get in your way. It leaves your hands free while still looking classy with any type of outfit. Dress it up with your favorite elegant clothing or wear it casually to a brunch with your friends.

All you need is a chain and you’re good to go. Don’t be afraid to wear the ring on a chain that has other design elements on it. The extra colorful details could elevate the necklace even more.

When choosing a chain for your class ring, a chain made from the same type of metal tends to work best!

Charm Bracelet

Have you ever thought of using your class ring as a charm on your favorite charm bracelet? A charm bracelet has an inherent unique flair and adding your customized class ring would be like the icing on a cake.

If you enjoy jewelry that catches the eye, match the ring with all kinds of different charms. Who says you can’t add cupcakes, crescent moons, and wishbone charms next to your class ring?

For a more cohesive look, find understated charms or beads that’ll accentuate the beautiful stone of your class ring. This ensures that the ring remains the star of the show while still creating a jewelry piece that impresses everyone you meet.

Hair Ornament

As you style your hair for a nice evening, why not add your class ring for extra pizazz? Many up-dos create the perfect little nook for which to place your ring.

Use a ribbon or some other kind of tie to pull back your hair, then loop it through your class ring. A little bit of maneuvering to get the ring in the right place, and you’ve got yourself a new hair ornament that’s both unique and eye-catching.

If you’re afraid that having a singular ring in your hair might look jarring, don’t let it stand alone. Add other ornaments and base your entire outfit off of your gorgeous new hairstyle!

Tie Decoration

Wearing a suit already gives off a certain sense of class and including your class ring only amplifies this effect. Wearing your ring on your hand might make it less noticeable. After you’ve spent so much time coming up with the perfect class ring customization, it’s better to show it off with pride.

Many people loop decorative chains towards the bottom of their ties for a luxurious bit of sparkle. This is a creative place for you to put on your class ring. It’s an easy conversation starter to break the ice with strangers and gives you the chance to talk about your passions.

Using a class ring as a tie decoration doesn’t look out of place because this type of ring is a timeless memento. It’s an intricate piece of jewelry that works in formal settings as well as casual ones.


There’s no reason your class ring always needs to be near your hands. Instead, try wearing it as an anklet during those hot summer months. It’s a stylish way to give your summer dresses a cute new accessory.

Creating an anklet is much the same as creating a necklace. The main thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to ensure the chain is rather tight. Since a class ring often has a lot of weight to it, you’ll need a tight fit to keep the anklet from falling off.

If you’re uncertain about the safety of the ring as an anklet, it’s better to test the jewelry at home in a safe environment. If it falls off while you’re downtown or at the beach, you could end up losing it or damaging it!


Sometimes instead of wearing only one ring, we prefer to wear a whole bunch. It makes a big statement and is sure to draw attention. It shows that you’re quirky and fun.

Pairing your class ring with other detailed rings is a lively choice but make sure to offset it with some plainer ones as well.

Another good choice is to only use those plainer rings instead of mixing and matching. When you pair smaller and less intricate rings with your class ring, you’ll draw the eye to the details of that singular important ring.

Wearing an ensemble of different rings can make it easier for people who dislike rings in general. This is because, instead of one single finger feeling strange, every finger has a similar sensation. No finger gets singled out or feels restricted because the rings are spread out on the entire hand.

It’s the type of style that takes a bit of experimentation to get right, but it can be a lot of fun!


If you’re looking for a way to use your class ring in a manner that gets the most use, a keychain is the perfect choice.

You’ll need to attach a smaller connector ring then loop the jewelry onto the keychain. Otherwise, you’ll end up scraping the metal of your beautiful ring.

This idea works best with traditional-styled class rings made from tough metals such as titanium or platinum. Gold would end up damaged in no time at all. Don’t add too many keys to the chain or else you’ll overwhelm the ring.

A safer bet is to leave the keychain without any keys at all and attach the keychain to a bag or backpack. This lets you get some practical use out of the ring while giving you a lot more control over its environment.

Open-Circle Bracelet

An open-circle bracelet is a newer fashion trend that meshes well with the idea of turning rings into other types of jewelry. This type of bracelet creates an open circle with the ring which is then tied around the wrist by colorful strings, chains, or similar materials.

It gives an elegant appearance that allows you to utilize your ring in a new and exciting way.

The cool thing about an open-circle bracelet is that it’s easy to create a style that matches your fashion sense. If you like a more natural and rustic look, create the bracelet with strips of thin leather. If you want something more upscale, a golden base with intricate details makes a great match.

Lapel Pin

Turning your class ring into a pin might seem scary at first. The idea of gluing such an invaluable piece of jewelry to a pin isn’t appealing for most people.

If you want a permanent solution, this is the best way to do it. Otherwise, a better and less destructive option is to attach your ring to a pin with string or a chain.

Once you get the string looped through the pin, you’ll wind it around your ring and then pull tight until it goes flush against the pin. This keeps the class ring in place without turning it into a pin forever.

Pin it to your lapel and you’ll add a unique spin to your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to pin your ring onto other places as well. Your hat, handbag, or corkboard all make good alternatives to a lapel!

Tips for Building the Perfect Look

Now that you know all the different class ring possibilities, it’s time to learn how to take it to the next level. The following tips go through some ways to turn your outfit into an instant hit every time. The best part is that none of these tips take any real expertise or time to complete.

They’re all easy, which makes them perfect for people of all fashion tastes!

Create Contrast

Humans love contrasting elements. That’s why we see it in everything we observe, including art, commercials, music, and even fashion. If you notice yourself looking at one outfit over the other, it’s most likely because that first one has more contrast.

As you put together your outfit alongside your class ring, make sure you have enough contrast. Without it, you might end up with a style that looks too busy and overcomplicated.

Whenever you have something with a lot of texture or details, always pair it with something on the opposite spectrum.

Exude Confidence

Confidence and clothing always go together. They both help make the other look even better. Accessories such as a college class ring have the same effect.

Any time you put on your class ring, let your love for that ring give you a boost of confidence. With so many memories and meaning put into the design of your ring, you should never feel uncomfortable while you wear it.

Instead, embrace your individuality with open arms!

Keep Your Ring Clean

No outfit looks good if the ring you’re wearing doesn’t shine its brightest. Instead, it’ll end up making your style appear unkempt and dull.

This is why it’s important to always keep your ring clean. All it takes is a few minutes to get this beautiful memento looking brand new again. The more you wear or use your ring, the more often you’ll need to clean it.

A bonus is that, by doing regular maintenance on your ring, you’re ensuring its longevity. With the proper care, your ring will last a lifetime and look great through all the years!

Experiment With Style

Similar to how you’re experimenting with the ways in which you wear your class ring, it’s a good idea to experiment with style as well. The two ideas go together and give you a lot of freedom to have fun with fashion.

If you’ve always wanted to wear a jean jacket, turn your class ring into a temporary pin and use it as an excuse to try something new. The sky’s the limit, so make sure to tackle everything you want!

Wearing a Ring in Unique Ways Shows Your Personality

By following this guide, it’s easy to come up with new ideas to wear any outfit you want alongside your beautiful class ring. Whenever you want to amp up your style while wearing a ring, come back to this guide and use one of the suggestions.

It’s also great fun to think outside the box and see how many innovative ideas you can come up with on your own. Keep trying new things until you find your favorite!

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