Class Ring Customization: 4 Things to Consider Before You Buy

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Did you know that class rings became a custom at West Point Military Academy in 1835? These Military Academy students began wearing them to demonstrate their unity and commemorate their time at the Academy.

In the United States, a class ring is a ring worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation, generally for a high school, college, or university. A class ring is also known as a graduation, graduate, senior, or grad ring. 

Today, you can do class ring customization in every way! From the material used, ring style, color, and cut of the jewel in the middle. In addition, you can introduce numerous emblems, images, and words to the edges of the rings, including inside the center.

Are you prepared to design and order your class ring? Then, read on for the ultimate solution to class ring customization, which will undoubtedly assist you in creating your dream ring.

What Is a Class Ring?

Class rings are popular among high school and graduate students. The tradition of class rings has grown in popularity among students in the United States and Canada since its inception. You wear your class ring to commemorate someone’s high school or college graduation. It is often customized to each student based on the events they took part in while in college.

Since the West Point Military Academy class of 1835, class rings have become a tradition for every graduating class to represent unity. This practice spread over time and became popular at all major high schools and universities.

For many years, class rings were designed with a uniform design and molded for a specific school. With the passage of time, however, some institutions began to offer students the option of customizing their class rings. The name and emblem of the university or college would always remain in the standard design.

At this time, the institutions now gave the students the option of including the student’s name and other details that identified them as a member of the college.

What Is the Make-Up of a Class Ring

Traditionally, gold was the choice metal for class rings. Today, of course, they are now available in various metals. These include, of course, gold, silver, and platinum as a choice.

Using a satin finish on gold rings will allow you to see the entire piece in gold, with cuts to accent the design and names. Rings with vintage finishes are highlighted with black enamel to draw attention to the features. Higher-end class rings are frequently made of platinum.

According to tradition, the stone on the ring will be the same color for all pupils at a particular school. You can customize the cut and size of the rock, on the other hand, to suit the preferences of each individual. The size of the ring will, of course, vary from person to person. In addition, of course, there is usually a minor difference in design between the rings worn by men and women. As a result, the rings meant for men tend to be slightly larger than those created for women.

What Are Class Ring Traditions?

Not everyone will wear their class ring. This means that if you choose always to wear your class ring, you want to make sure you wear the ring right or correctly. So, what are the dos and don’ts of wearing class rings? Are there rules you should be following when wearing your class ring?

Well, this article delves into all these in detail, and if you have been looking for tips for wearing class rings correctly, then keep reading.

Which Hand Should You Wear Your Class Ring On?

First thing is first, you should know that your class ring should be worn on your right hand. This eliminates confusion with other class rings or other types of jewelry, such as a wedding or engagement ring.

What Finger Should You Wear Your Class Ring On?

While in school, you should wear your class ring with the logo facing inwards, towards the wearer. But, after graduation, it should face outwards. While at school, the school’s name or logo should face towards you so that you can easily read the school’s name with your arm outstretched.

Wearing Your Class Ring After High School 

So, what do you do with your high school class ring once you have graduated from high school? After graduation, you will be expected to make it as simple as possible for the rest of the world to understand that you have graduated. This can be done with relative simplicity just by wearing your class ring.

Essentially, most graduates from elite institutions find it simple to do this task. Typically there is a turning of the ring ceremony at graduation.

The Turning of the Class Ring Ceremony

The ‘turning of the ring’ ritual is when the students are frequently filled with a sense of success or pride in what they have accomplished during their school years. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to point out that there is no single way to conduct this event.

Different schools all have other traditions. That being said, the turning ceremony of the actual ring always represents a change or shift in your life. Of course, the ceremony is frequently used to indicate that you’ve graduated. In addition, it demonstrates your ability to do great things in the world. Finally, it also displays your success in college, which will define the broad path of your life.

Wearing Your Class Ring After High School? 

Like photo yearbooks and class jackets, class rings are an essential part of the American educational system. The question is, when then do you stop wearing your class ring?

How long you wear the class ring is a matter of preference, and there is no hard or fast rule on wearing this ring. However, never forget what the ring stands for. You can choose to make the ring a keepsake. 

Class Ring Customization

There is a design for every tale, so choose one that reflects your class’ personality. Make it unique to honor your journey, achievements, and a reflection of what you are most proud of. Because whatever this ring represents, it is a one-of-a-kind reflection of your personality.

Take into consideration the following when designing and customizing your class ring: 

  • Choose the metal, be it gold, silver, or platinum
  • Choose the stone color to suit your class’ personality
  • Choose the size to suit each person
  • Carefully choose the decorations that adorn the rings on the outside or the inside
  • Think of any meaningful inscriptions, symbols, or logos you want to incorporate
  • You will want the year to be prominently engraved for all to see
  • Would you like your initials engraved?
  • Perhaps a short meaningful class message to remind you of your school years?

Class rings for girls are smaller and more feminine in nature than men’s class rings, which are more prominent and more masculine. 

You can choose each of these details, resulting in a timeless yet distinctive ring that you can create in no time. Whenever you walk through life and look down at this reminder of your accomplishments, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another person who has precisely the exact ring that you have.

Class Rings Recognize a Completion of a Chapter in Your Life

There are a few things that mark the end of your high school years, among them graduation. As a result, when it comes time to place your order for your graduation gown, you know you’re about to close a huge chapter in your life. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting part of your life, and you need to discuss your customization options. 

Making your own jewelry is a fun experience on its own, but to design one so important and meaningful is thrilling. You can choose between silver or metal tones, stones of blues and greens or other colors, and other accessories.

Each time spent in this unique situation will allow you to savor the fact that you’ve completed one chapter and entered the next.

Marking Your Milestones in the Design of a Class Ring

Being able to make it through high school is no easy task. However, with all of the social and emotional difficulties stacked on top of academic demands, we must acknowledge that obtaining high school graduation is an impressive accomplishment. 

The fact that you have a high school diploma, of course, makes it official. That is why so many individuals choose to have it framed and displayed on the walls of their homes or offices for this exact reason. However, you will not take it with you everywhere you go.  

Take into consideration what achievements you have reached in your school years. Choosing the best achievements and incorporating them into the design of your ring will serve as a reminder of your accomplishments every time you look at it. For example, if you were lucky enough to be in the band, you could inscribe some music notes on the side of the rings?

You will never forget from whence you came and how far you have already reached, but most importantly, how much more you can achieve!

Show Your Devotion in the Design of the Class Ring

The meaning of high school rings varies depending on who wears them. First and foremost, they represent a significant personal achievement. As a result, wearing your class ring brings pride and joy to their owner. They show that you have had the tenacity and devotion to reach a milestone in your life.

However, that being said, some people have presented their significant others with their class rings. They have done this as a symbol of lifetime love and devotion. As a result, the person receiving the ring will get the impression that they are an important part of their partner’s life and will have a piece of them wherever they go. 

Class Rings Are Also Family Heirlooms

Class rings are passed down from generation to generation and eventually become family heirlooms. Furthermore, if succeeding generations all attend the same high school, the significance of the class ring increases even further.

Wearing jewelry from a parent’s or grandparent’s alma mater has a special meaning for many people, especially children. In addition, it conveys a similar sentiment, as discussed before, to individuals who present their class ring to a significant other out of love.

As soon as you put on a parent’s or grandparent’s class ring, you are automatically carrying a piece of them with you everywhere you go. It will be an uplifting piece of jewelry to look at throughout the day, whether it reminds you of their strength, their love, or any other variety of characteristics. 

High school class rings are highly customizable. But, of course, we can’t say this about many other jewelry pieces except, perhaps, the all-important engagement ring. 

 The Best Things in Life Are Making Memories, Treasure Them Always!

As you can see, ring customization has never been easier! You can create a unique class ring for yourself and your classmates.

We hope that we have demonstrated the numerous options and diverse selection of styles, stones, metals, and customization options available to you. This way, you can create a ring that is as unique as you and your story. Your feelings and emotions, your accomplishments, and everything you hope to achieve in your future should all be encapsulated in the small piece of jewelry that you can keep close to your heart at all times.

For more class ring tips, advice, and information, head on over to check our latest posts!

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