Cheap Class Rings: The Art of Buying a Beautiful Class Ring That Won’t Break the Bank

cheap class rings

A class ring is a fantastic way to show your school spirit. In some instances, a class ring can prove quite expensive. However, you don’t need to break the bank to buy a class ring that looks great.

Keep reading to learn more about the art of buying beautiful but cheap class rings that won’t drain your bank account.

What’s a Class Ring Worth?

The most important value of a class ring is what it means to you. Most likely, there are a lot of traditions surrounding your class ring. Class ring cost as a piece of fine jewelry can’t compare.

What could compete with the memories you experienced during your high school or college years? What’s more, what could compare to the accomplishment of earning your diploma or degree. These memories are what your class ring represents and what you want to memorialize.

It’s memories that make a class ring valuable. At some point, however, you might want to know the value of your class ring as it pertains to its status in the marketplace.

Value of the Average Class Ring

The cost of class rings ranges anywhere from $300 to several thousand dollars. Still, you don’t have to get into more debt to buy a great, high-quality class ring.

A top-name brand company may charge over $600 for a silver class ring. That same company may charge $300 for an alloy, brass, or other low-quality ring material.

With a retailer like, however, you can score a high-quality ring at a great price. We sell phenomenal sterling silver, gold, and rose gold-plated class rings.

Added Class Ring Features

A class ring is a customized piece of jewelry. It’s among the unique things that help to boost your school spirit. The more customization you order, the more your class ring will cost.

Most class ring designs come with some engraving included in the price. The gemstone is usually also part of the base price of a class ring.

However, you can also purchase additional features. These extra features might include engraved dates or symbols.

You can also upgrade your ring material if you desire. Every ring is different, so it’s impossible to provide an exact value for a ring without an evaluation. However, these added features will add to the value of your class ring.


Again, most class ring packages include engraving. Engraving features might include your:

• Graduation year
• Name
• School name

These engravings are typical elements of a standard class ring design package.

If you’re an athlete, however, you may want additional engraving. For example, you may want the ring designer to add your jersey number and position.

You may also want your engraver to add the symbol of your school mascot. All these extra engravings add to the cost and value of your class ring.


You can also choose optional finishes for your class ring. Usually, a standard class ring has a sterling silver finish. Sterling silver is stylish and long-lasting.

However, you might want a ring with more flare. In that case, you can choose a gold ring.

Alternatively, you might choose an attractive rose gold plating. These kinds of enhancements add personality.

An optional class ring finish may also better complement your school gemstone. In either case, a more expensive finish will add to the financial value of your class ring.


A class ring typically has a beautiful large gemstone affixed to the center of the setting. In this way, it’s much like an engagement ring. Like engagement rings, size and color matter when it comes to your class ring.

You may want to make a bold statement with your class ring. In that case, you might select a large gemstone representing your school colors. Other people choose their birthstone for their class rings.

The base price of your class ring will include several gemstone options. However, you can upgrade your gemstone as desired. Of course, an upgraded gemstone will increase the cost and value of your class ring.

Yet, you might find some flexibility with the shape of your gemstone. In most cases, the style of your class ring gemstone will not affect its price.

The Resale Value of Class Rings

There’s a market exclusively for buying and selling class rings. You may wonder why someone might want to buy your class ring.

For owners, class rings hold significant meaning. It’s a personalized item.

For instance, it’s engraved with your name or initials. It could also have engravings of other special dates or symbols.

Well, class ring collectors have many reasons for being passionate about this particular piece of fine jewelry.

Like other jewelry, designers make some class rings with materials and gemstones that increase in value. Some collectors buy and sell class rings for this reason alone.

Other class ring collectors, however, have a strong allegiance to certain alma maters. They may specialize in buying and selling class rings affiliated with a specific school or university.

Still, there is yet another kind of class ring buyer. Some graduates regret never having purchased a class ring. They’re also willing to pay a considerable fee for your authentic memento.

Choose Ring Features That Hold Value

If you’ve purchased a class ring made with high-quality materials and real gemstones, it could sell for equal value in the future. However, vintage class rings are particularly desired and valuable. After many years, you can find that your class ring fetches a hefty price on the market.

Finding Cheap Class Rings

When you see your class ring catalog, you may find that you’re in for quite a shock. Big brand retailers sell class rings starting at $300. For a 10 karat or 14 karat gold class ring, you could pay $500 or more.

This kind of expense is out of reach of many families, especially considering all the other costs during high school and especially during college. Nevertheless, a graduate may have their heart set on a class ring. If so, you still have options.

Let’s look at a few ways that you can save on buying a high-quality class ring.

Stick With the Basics

If you can, try sticking with the basic options for your class ring. Also, stay away from class ring retailers that only reveal their pricing after you’ve selected all your design features. This is a trick used to upsell expensive features.

Some retailers will even contact you to persuade you to purchase upgrades. For example, they might suggest a more expensive finish. Alternatively, a retailer might try to sell you a larger stone.

It’s important to choose a class ring retailer with upfront pricing. With this kind of retailer, you don’t have to worry about a soon-to-be graduate getting their heart set on a ring design that’s far out of reach financially.

Finding an Affordable Online Retailer

A good place to find premium class rings for less is online. The internet opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Online, you can find plenty of class ring deals. Again, the important thing here is to find a retailer that provides up-front pricing.

As you design your ring, you can see exactly how much it will cost before you buy it when you work with this kind of retailer. What’s more, you can explore your options without feeling pressured.

Set a Budget

It’s important to think about the price of class rings. Even schools have to consider the price of class rings.

Not every school gifts class rings to their students. In this case, they must provide a relatively affordable class ring option. In other words, when considering class ring cost, the school must choose a cheap class ring they believe everyone in the graduating class can afford.

Likewise, you must mind your budget when shopping for a class ring. Begin by researching how much it costs to buy a class ring from a reputable online dealer.

This information can help you figure out a realistic price for your class ring and establish a budget. For the most part, the final cost of your class ring will vary depending on the options you choose and the retailer you decide to work with.

Start with a Plan

It’s also important to have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a class ring. There’s no limit to your design options, except, of course, for financial limits.

Usually, you’d want to build your ring based on your traditional school design. For instance, you might keep the ring motto and choose a different material.

However, the choice is yours. If you like, you can create an entirely fresh design that’s all your own. In the end, what’s important is what works for you.

Finding a Great Class Ring Company

It’s a good idea to choose a class ring retailer that can help you with the buying process. Here, it’s helpful to choose a retailer that’s accessible.

This kind of retailer can lend their expertise. Their experience in the field will help you to make a good class ring buying decision.

Once you’ve found a class ring retailer that can help you through the buying process, put their knowledge to good use. An experienced ring retailer can explain the significance of various ring designs.

They can also give you practical design advice. For instance, a great class ring retailer can explain which gemstones and materials fit your budget and also provide the most value.

Don’t Limit Your Choices

Class rings have been around for a long time. Over the years, designers have come up with a lot of features. There are many different design options for this reason.

A standard class ring is similar to a signet ring. However, they feature the school crest. Others have a gemstone with the school crest emblazoned on the metalwork of the ring.

Contemporary class rings are a bit different. Their design features a sleek, slim band. A modern class ring may also have available alternative gemstone shapes.

Compare Class Ring Deals

It can prove tempting to stick with the class ring company provided by your school. However, you can usually find a better-quality class ring and a better deal if you shop around. Shopping around for your class ring is the best way to get the best price.

By comparing class ring retailers, you can figure out what design options are available. With more options, it’s more likely that you’ll find a class ring that you truly love.

There’s another benefit to shopping around for class rings. If you plan on buying class rings for several students, you may find a retailer that offers a bulk discount.

Consider Class Ring Material Options

If you select a gemstone, it will serve as a centerpiece for your ring. However, it’s worth revisiting the importance of the metal that you select for your class ring.

The metal of your design can affect the durability of your class ring. This is something important to consider if you want your ring to last and hold value.

A great class ring retailer will offer a range of class ring material options. These options will allow you to find a durable material that’s within your budget.

Your Source for Affordable, Stylish Class Rings

There’s a lot to consider when buying a class ring. We hope that our brief guide on buying cheap class rings helps you to find a selection that’s within your budget.

All you need is a good retailer who will help you choose a class ring that will last a lifetime. is here to help.

Please feel free to browse our online selection of premium, low-cost class rings and reach out to us with your questions.

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