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11 Tips for Buying Your Class Ring Online

class ring

Over 3 million students graduate from high school each year. Many go to college afterward, while others find jobs right away. In any case, graduating from high school is something to celebrate.  Many people host parties to recognize the student after graduating, and families often give gifts to graduates. One gift your high school graduate […]

15 Benefits of Buying Cheap Class Rings as an Affordable Option

Cheap Class Rings

Academic achievements are milestones that should always be celebrated. These types of achievements take years. Much of your time and dedication is put into earning your degrees.  How do you both reward and commemorate the years of hard work? Is there a way to give yourself a sense of accomplishment? Of course, there’s a great […]

12 Tips for Creating Class Rings That Are Fun and Unique

Class Rings

Americans go crazy for their classes! 76.8 million Americans were enrolled in school in 2018. They take a wide range of courses and extracurricular programs, and each student has their own set of experiences.  But when it comes time to graduate, there is one great way to celebrate all students: handing out class rings. However, you […]

12 Popular Styles for College Class Rings

college class rings

Did you know that the tradition of class rings has been around since the 1800s? These classic adornments are a way to commemorate your schooling and celebrate the completion of your educational journey. Some class rings bear the college’s insignia, and others include intricate custom engravements. Some contain stones, and others have more subtle touches. […]

10 Types of Class Rings and Where You Can Buy Them

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In 2021, an estimated 4.43 million college students graduated in the U.S. The past few years have not been easy, with many academic institutions having to resort to online learning and canceling in-person graduation ceremonies. If you have made it this far, you should be proud of your accomplishments and all you have endured. And […]

High School Graduation Rings: 9 Tips for Creating a Memorable Ring

Graduation Rings

3.7 million students graduate from high school each academic year. If you’ve passed math, then surely you realize that those graduates collectively have 37,000,000 fingers between them! How many of those fingers will be sporting gorgeous, unique graduation rings on commencement day?  We don’t know the answer, but we do know this: we want you to […]

12 Tips for Buying Limited Edition Honor Society Class Rings

Honor Society

The National Honor Society estimates that more than 1 million students participate in its NHS programs and activities. The NHS celebrated its 100th-year centennial celebration on March 1, 2021.  Joining an Honor Society is a tremendous achievement and should be commemorated. Customizing a class ring is the perfect way to mark the occasion. If you’re […]

How to Model Your Class Ring in Pictures and at Events

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In 2021, 17.031 million students graduated from high school. Graduation is a time to celebrate all your achievements over the past four years. One of the best ways to commemorate your graduation is with a class ring.  Class rings are a symbol that represents you and your time with a particular scholastic institution. But class […]

12 Tips for Getting the Best Ring Design

Ring Design

Throughout history, rings have symbolized many different things. Love, unity, tradition, infinity, celebration, and much more. Rings commemorate special moments in your life, such as an engagement or school graduation.  But how do you go about choosing the right ring for you? Continue reading to find out our top 12 tips for getting the best […]

Gold Ring Finishes: What Are They and How Do They Work?

gold ring finishes

You’ve thought about your class ring – you know what engravings you want, you know which year it’ll say, you might have even thought about which birthstone you’ll have! But have you thought about the finish itself? Do you know the difference between the Karats and the colors? Or a matte and high polished finish? […]