A Complete Guide to Class Ring Stones

ring stones
ring stones

Did you know that you can base your class ring design around your birthday and astrological sign?

This tradition has been around for decades and is quickly making a trendy comeback. 

Are you interested in choosing ring stones for your class ring? Check out our complete guide to class ring stones to get started!

What Is a Class Ring?

A class ring is a symbolic representation of your time in school. It is historically gifted to children who have successfully completed schooling.

However, some students work hard to save up money for a commemorative class ring. They are tokens of appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.

A class ring is a way for students to remember their achievements in high school and college. They can be fully customized to showcase the personality of the student!

The History of Class Rings

Class rings are tokens of education memories through the decades. College athletes popularized this form of memorialization. 

In fact, class rings from famous athletes have become very valuable over the years. Some are worth thousands of dollars!

High school committees began to take notice of class rings soon after. Now all grades of students are able to participate in the tradition of class rings.

Why Should You Buy a Class Ring?

Are you interested in investing in a class ring of your own? There are dozens of reasons why you should buy one.

The most prominent reason is that you will be able to memorialize your time in school. You can design the ring on your own or with your family.

Your ring will be something that can give to your children as well. In this way, investing in a class ring becomes a family affair.

Elements of a Traditional Class Ring

Every class ring can feature a custom design for the individual student. Traditional class rings are based around a center gemstone.

The student’s name is typically engraved around a gold or silver base. Accent stones are able to adorn the engravings as well.

It is traditional to base your class ring design around your birthstone. However, you can choose any stone that you would like for your ring!

Trending Class Ring Styles for 2022

Class ring styles have changed over the years. Contemporary class ring styles offer a variety of design choices. 

A trendy design style is to increase the number of engravings on your class ring. You can add symbols that correspond to your favorite activities from school.

Another trendy design element revolves around font selection. There is a great variety of fonts, engravings, and gemstones to choose from. Enjoy browsing through your options.

Focal Point: Class Ring Gemstones

Gemstones have always been the center of a class ring. The gemstone focal point is what people first notice when they see your ring.

Gemstones typically reflect the birth month of the student. However, a class ring can feature designs around any ring stone you like!

January Class Ring Birthstones

The January birthstone is garnet. Garnets are deep red stones that represent passion and strength. 

Anyone who wants to showcase the power of their education should consider investing in a garnet class ring.

In astrology, those born at the end of January live with the symbol of Aquarius. Aquarius energy is represented by the vitality of garnet. 

That is why garnet is the birthstone of passionate Aquarius people. A garnet focal point will remind every Aquarius of their passion, vitality, and strength.

February Class Ring Birthstones

February is the month of love. Those born in February are lucky enough to claim Amethyst as their birthstone.

Amethyst is a beautiful birthstone that is available in multiple shades of purple. Amethyst represents intuition, tranquility, and dreams.

Those born at the end of February are given the astrological symbol of Pisces. Pisces are deeply intuitive and sensitive people. 

A class ring based around an Amethyst can remind a student about the emotions they face throughout their educational career. Amethyst can also keep students calm as they pursue greater challenges.

March Class Ring Birthstones

Students born in March can claim Aquamarine as their birthstone. Aquamarine resembles turquoise blue ocean waves.

Aquamarine showcases itself in a spectrum of blues that are stunning to behold. This color gemstone looks gorgeous when paired with a gold ring base.

March is home to Aries in astrology. Those born in the latter days of March can also claim bloodstone as their birthstone.

Aquamarine, however, is much more available for class ring designers than bloodstone. Aquamarine also represents harmony, peace, and ease. It is the perfect stone for those who need a gap year after graduation.

April Class Ring Birthstones

April birthdays belong to diamonds. After all, diamonds are a student’s best friend. Diamonds represent love, clarity, and longevity. 

This birthstone is the perfect focal point for any ring and looks stunning on both gold and silver bases.

People who are born at the end of April can claim the Taurus sign in astrology. Taurus is the sign of communication, beauty, and wealth. A diamond communicates all of those attributes perfectly. 

May Class Ring Birthstones

May birthdays are fortunate enough to be represented by lush emeralds. Emeralds are famous for their deep green color.

Emeralds represent deep love, compassion, and fruitfulness. Their green resembles the lush forests, jungles, and canopies of Earth.

People born at the end of May are labeled as Geminis in astrology. Geminis are intuitive networkers who can play a diverse variety of roles in life.

Celebrate all of the things you were and the things you still want to accomplish with an emerald class ring stone. The emerald will remind you to stay kind to yourself and others while you keep playing the game of life.

June Class Ring Birthstones

June birthdays get to call pearls their birthstone. Although pearls are not technically a stone, they are still precious beings that pair wonderfully with a gold ring.

Pearls represent the simple nature of beauty and the purity of youth. Pearls are precious symbols of Cancer energy in astrology.

Cancers are deeply intuitive and maternal creatures. Celebrate your compassionate side with a pearl class ring stone.

July Class Ring Birthstones

Rubies are the symbol of Summer birthdays in July. Rubies have been used for centuries in religious rites for protection.

The deep shades of red can complement a silver ring perfectly. Those who are born at the end of July are considered to be Leos.

Leos are ferocious, charismatic, and strong people. Celebrate your wild side with a ruby class ring stone.

August Class Ring Birthstones

August birthdays can sport peridot as their birthstone. Peridot is a unique stone, to say the least. Its bright yellow and green colors make it one of the most unique gemstones around.

Peridot corresponds with intelligence and foresight. Peridot class ring stones can help students prepare for their new careers and stages of life.

The latter days of August belong to Virgos in astrology. Virgos are analytical and precise. They excel in their professional lives and deserve a ring to memorialize their hard work.

September Class Ring Birthstones

September birthdays can proudly wear sapphires as their birthstone. The great thing about sapphires is that they come in a variety of colors.

Sapphires are available in white, red, and blue. Blue sapphires are especially sought after. However, white sapphires are historically the most auspicious.

Libras can enjoy wearing all shades of sapphire if they are born in the latter days of September. Libras are sociable people that always bring balance and harmony into the world.

October Class Ring Birthstones

October is an Autumn month that is represented by opal. Opals are beautiful rainbows that are caught in stones. 

Their smooth texture and iridescent display delight all who gaze upon them. If you are born in the latter part of October, then you are considered a Scorpio.

Scorpios are deep people with an insatiable appetite for deep connections in their lifetime. Celebrate the depths of life with an opal class ring stone.

November Class Ring Birthstones

November birthdays can enjoy wearing citrine as their birthstone. Citrines imbue their wearers with confidence and strength to pursue their goals.

Citrines feature gorgeous shades of orange. Due to their warm hues, they are often paired with golden ring bases. Citrines are beautiful on every skin tone.

November is home to Sagittarius astrology signs. Sagittarius spirits love to travel and be free. Investing in a citrine class ring stone can remind you to enjoy the wanderlust of life.

December Class Ring Birthstones

If you are born in December, then it is your fortune to claim turquoise as your birthstone. Turquoise is a sacred stone with a long history of ceremonial usage.

Those who are born at the end of December are considered to be Capricorns. Capricorns are hardworking individuals who want to be the best version of themselves at all times.

Reward yourself for all of your hard work by investing in a turquoise birthstone class ring this year. You deserve it!

Top Class Ring Accent Stones

After you pick your focal point ring stones, it is time to choose your accent stones. Accent stones depend on the focal point ring stones.

The color of focal point gemstones typically determines which accent stones the jewelry designer will use.

Diamonds and other clear stones are popular choices for accent stone pieces because they easily blend together with other ring stones.

When to Purchase a Class Ring

Schools will typically announce class ring sales in the latter half of the year. It is typical for high schools to partner with jewelry design companies on the student’s behalf.

The student may be sent home with literature pertaining to their class ring options. This catalog will contain all of the available design elements that you have to choose from.

Consider purchasing your class ring in time for graduation. This way, you will be able to sport your new ring during your graduation ceremony. 

Buying a High School Class Ring

High school class rings are wonderful ways to celebrate all of your achievements throughout your entire education career.

A high school class ring is often much smaller and less expensive than a college class ring. If you are not planning on attending college, however, consider creating the ring of your dreams.

Investing in a College Class Ring

College rings can easily become family heirlooms. These rings are often expensive investments that you can enjoy on special occasions. 

Class rings are fully customizable with a variety of design options. You can even preorder your ring to make sure you have it in time for graduation.

How to Purchase a Class Ring

Purchasing a class ring is easier than ever. Nowadays, you do not have to wait for the jewelry designers to arrive at your school.

You can easily design and purchase a ring online from the comfort of your home. Since the ring is supposed to be personal to you, take your time designing a ring that you will want to keep for a lifetime.

Ready to Invest in Ring Stones?

Now you know all about the best class ring stones that you can invest in. Did you pick out which stone you would like to base your class ring design around? 

If you still need assistance, then our team is excited to help you make a decision.

Contact us with any of your class ring stone questions, and we will be glad to help you customize your class ring. We look forward to working with you!

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