12 Tips for Buying Limited Edition Honor Society Class Rings

Honor Society

The National Honor Society estimates that more than 1 million students participate in its NHS programs and activities. The NHS celebrated its 100th-year centennial celebration on March 1, 2021. 

Joining an Honor Society is a tremendous achievement and should be commemorated. Customizing a class ring is the perfect way to mark the occasion.

If you’re interested in buying an Honor Society class ring, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain 12 tips you can use to pick out the perfect Honor Society class rings. 

If you are a graduate or a parent of a graduate and you’re interested in finding class rings to celebrate your Honor Society status, then keep reading for more information. 

Overview of the National Honor Society

The Honor Society has a long history of academic excellence and leadership. They believe in a higher standard of living and making decisions that shape them. There are 10 core values they hold themselves to.

These values are:

  1. Innovate and Drive Change
  2. Pursue Excellence
  3. Seek Growth and Progress
  4. Be Passionate and Determined
  5. Pursue Leadership and Take Initiative
  6. Be Bold, Creative, and Open-Minded
  7. Embrace Knowledge and Intellectual Pursuits
  8. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  9. Be Humble
  10. Do More With Less

While you can buy limited edition pre-designed Honor Society class rings from the organization itself, these rings do not leave much in the way of creativity and personalization. They are more of a one-style-fits-all design.

If you would prefer a class ring that denotes your Honor Society status and also represents your unique style, you can customize your ring to better suit your creativity and self-expression.

With these core values in mind, let’s explore some tips for customizing and selecting the best Honor Society class ring for you.

1. Take Your Time

When looking for designs for your Honor Society class ring, it is important to browse through many designs and styles first. Don’t rush into it and order the first one you see.

This ring will serve to mark a significant moment in your life. You will want to make certain it is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Make notes of the features and design elements you like the best. If you have an existing ring in a style you like go with this for your Honor Society class ring style. This way you can be sure that it will look right. 

If you prefer to go with something bigger and bolder, there are ring styles out there to suit every preference. Instead of buying a pre-designed one-style-fits-all class ring, you’ll be able to customize it just how you want it. 

2. Decide on the Metal Style You Want

Your Honor Society class ring can be customized in a variety of metal types and styles. If you prefer more yellow-toned jewelry or have warm skin tones, then yellow gold is preferable for your class ring’s metal type.

Gold-plated and any solid types of yellow gold metal jewelry will complement your skin the best. Gold is also good for those who wish to have a more traditional colored jewelry design.

For those with cooler skin tones, silver-colored metal jewelry is the way to go. Platinum, white gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel are better options for you. Silver metals are more modern-looking. 

If your skin tone is neutral, you can go with whatever metal color you like best as both metals will look equally good with your skin tone. Of course, these are merely suggestions.

3. Pick Your Stone Color

One of the great benefits of an Honor Society custom class ring is the ability to choose a beautiful stone color for your ring. While most stone colors relate to the colors of specific stones for birth months, this does not have to be your only influence in choosing a stone color.

Birthstone colors are merely a suggestion. Some graduates opt to choose a stone color that represents one of their school’s main colors as a tribute. This is a great way to remember your school and to show your school spirit.

For other graduates, it could be as simple as just choosing a particular stone color because it is their favorite color. That is the beauty of a custom Honor Society class ring, it’s up to you. Though with so many gorgeous and glittering colors it could be hard to pick a favorite.

If, however, you’re not a fan of gemstones, there are other options without stones.

4. Choose Your Ring Style

So, do you like to go big and bold or do you prefer a ring style that is smaller and more feminine? Either way, you can find designs to suit both tastes.

Think of how often you are going to wear your Honor Society class ring. If you’re only going to wear it to a few special events, then the size shouldn’t matter as much. If you are going to wear your ring every day, you’ll want to consider this.   

If your ring is too big and bulky, it may not be as comfortable for all-day wear and use. And if you have a job, internship, or major that requires the use of your hands, you’ll also want to make sure your ring won’t get in the way or get caught on anything. 

5. Determine Your Ring Size

Having the right ring size is vitally important. A ring that is too loose will spin around on your finger and may even slide off during activity.

If your ring is too tight, it could cut off the circulation in your finger and become too difficult to remove. The worst possible scenario is having to go to a professional jeweler to have it cut off. 

If you’re uncertain of your ring size, there are inexpensive ring sizers you can buy online to find the right fit.

You should also measure your fingers several times a day since your fingers can swell and shrink due to the time of day, your hormones, your level of activity, and the salt and alcohol content in your body. As well as the temperature where you live. 

6. Select Your Stone Cut

Stone cuts can help give your ring a more distinct look. A stone cut influences the number of facets in the stone as well as the shape of the stone itself. Round, princess, and oval cut stones are good for a more classic-looking ring while marquise, baguette, emerald, and cushion cuts provide a more modern and contemporary look.

Facets affect the number of surfaces on the stone that reflect the light that gives a stone its sparkle. The more facets a stone has, the more it will sparkle in the light from every angle. 

You can go with smaller cut stones like a round cut or oval cut for a more elegant appeal. Or choose a larger and more noticeable stone cut shape, such as an emerald cut, for added style and flair.

7. School Name

What would your Honor Society class ring be without the name of the educational institution where you spent your time furthering your academic knowledge? The top of your ring has plenty of space for naming your school, front and center, out in the open for all to see. 

This not only helps fellow graduates and Honor Society members see where you went to school, but it also serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to the quality and character of its graduates. Namely, you. 

Wear your Honor Society class ring with pride. You’re on to bigger and brighter things ahead.

8. Left Shank Customization

If you have selected a class ring with a wide enough band, you will have spaces on the band for putting custom logos or symbols on the sides of your ring. You may select pre-made logos from a catalog or you can opt to upload your own logo or design to be incorporated on your ring’s sides or shanks, as they are known.

Above the logo or emblem, you can put your name, graduation year, nickname, or some other word up to 9 characters. If you wish to denote your Honor Society status, you can use the word “HONOR” or “NHS” above the Honor Society logo.

If you want to use one of the Honor Society core value words like “Innovate”, “Progress”, or “Knowledge” you may also do so as long as it does not exceed 9 characters in length.

9. Right Shank Customization

On the other side of your ring, you will have the same options as the left side. A logo of your choosing and a line of text up to 9 characters. 

If you wish to use part of the Honor Society’s core values for your ring’s text but have limited space, you can place one part of the value on one side and the other part on the right side so it is read left to right.

For example, for the core value “Embrace Knowledge”, you can put Embrace on the left side of your ring’s shank and “Knowledge” on the right shank. This will fit better within the space confines of your ring.

For the second logo on the right side shank, you may opt to choose a logo that represents your favorite subject, a hobby, a sport you participated in, or some other image of significance that pertains to you. It’s up to you to decide how you want to design this portion but that’s what makes the personalization aspect so great.

10. Other Customizations

If you wish to purchase an Honor Society class ring with a bridge on it, this gives you an extra level of personalization. A class ring with a bridge has an extra strip of material on top of the ring that runs from one side of the ring to the other and over the stone.

There’s only enough room for about 8 characters of personalization here. However, this space is ideal for placing a special designation, such as “HONORS” or “NHS” for the National Honor Society across the top of your ring. 

11. Place Your Special Engraving

Most class ring bands have a small amount of space on the inside of the band for a personal inscription. This is a personal message you or someone you love who is buying the Honor Society class ring can have engraved on the inside band of the ring.

Whenever you look at the inside band, you can view this message. There isn’t a lot of room, it can vary and depends on the ring size and the thickness of the band. Most ring bands can accommodate from 15 and up to 20 characters of a line of text. 

You can get creative by adding a chapter and verse number of your favorite inspirational Bible verse, a song lyric, or a secret message abbreviation. There is also the option to have your full name engraved on the inside of the band. Or just simply put “Honor Society” on the inside.

12. Make It Your Own

No matter how you decide to customize your Honor Society class ring, it will be special regardless because it represents you. Graduation is a special time and it is a celebration of all of your accomplishments.

You should be proud of yourself, so display your ring with confidence. Yes, be humble, but also know that you are a shining example of what is possible when you put your mind to it. You are capable of great things and you will change the world. 

Years from now you’ll look back on this time in your life and the people you spent it with fondly. You’ll also have your custom Honor Society class ring to remind you of how capable and intelligent you are. Your custom Honor Society class ring with be a lasting memory for years to come.

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