11 Tips for Choosing the Right Gemstone for Your Class Ring

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Did you know that some crystals and gemstones can help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety

Not only are these natural remedies potent healers, but they are also gorgeous adornments! Are you on the hunt for the perfect centerpiece for your next class ring?

Read our article to learn all about the top 11 tips for choosing the right gem stone for your class ring!

1. Connect With Spiritual Gem Stones

Gemstones are not just beautiful ways to adorn your class ring. They also boast world-famous spiritual properties. Garnets, emeralds, and sapphires are especially powerful healing gemstones.

Mild relief from stress, fatigue, and even heartache awaits you when you find the right stone for you. Every gemstone has specific healing properties. Emerald, for example, can invite love into your life.

Meditate on the type of healing that can benefit your life after graduation. Don’t worry, connecting with a gemstone does not have to be a complicated or confusing process. 

Begin by researching the properties of gemstones. If possible, go somewhere where you can handle the stones in person and let the stone choose you!

2. Pick a Stone to Elevate Your Mood

Gemstones harbor the power to elevate one’s mood and more. Simply wearing the stone can help you feel luxurious and important.

The skin contact you make with the stone, however, is where the magic is. Turquoise, for example, is adorned in jewelry to promote healthy circulation and positivity in the body.

Choosing a stone because you enjoy the color, however, can also have an uplifting effect! Every time you wear your class ring, you’ll want to think of the fond memories of education.

Ask yourself, what color can accomplish that task? If you are unsure, allow the metaphysical properties of the stone to lead you to the answer.

3. Match Your Gemstone With Your Eyes

Choosing a gemstone for your class ring should not be a difficult or stressful task. If you are having trouble deciding what color or stone to choose, let your body make the decision for you!

That’s right your eye color is the best guide in these situations. If you want to wear your class ring often, it can be tricky to match the color with every outfit. 

If the rig matches your eyes, however, then you are always able to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. Your gemstone does not have to match your eye color either. They should be complementary. 

Brown eyes, for example, are accentuated by yellows and purples. A citrine or amethyst can highlight your eyes and easily align to any trend.

Blue and green eyes, do well with colors in the same family. Grey eyes, however, are striking when paired with bold shades of red!

4. Try a Bold Gemstone Color!

Speaking of bold shades, vibrant colors can be just the thing your aesthetic is looking for! Do you enjoy dressing in neutrals and work-appropriate shaded of grey?

A bold pop of color can elevate any sense of style on a daily basis. The best part is, a boldly colored gemstone ring is approved by most dress codes.

Get out of your comfort zone and splurge on the accessory of a lifetime. This bold move can help spark new creativity in your fashion as well.

If your education holds cherished moments that you don’t want to forget, a bold gemstone ring can help you remember every time you look at it.

5. Clear Gemstones Match Everything

When in doubt, clear gemstones can save the day. Diamonds are not dazzling displays of light, they are also clear darlings that pair well with any outfit!

If diamonds are a bit out of your price range, a clear sapphire can also do the trick. White and clear gemstones are often associated with wisdom, grace, and longevity.

Depending on the cut of the stone, a clear gem can dazzle a crowd! They are multi-faceted marvels that add depth to your jewelry collection. 

Their radiance is so dramatic that most will never assume you are wearing a class ring! Clear and white stones look best when paired with an equally dazzling silver band.

For a bold contrast, try pairing your light gemstone with a dark rose or yellow gold ring band. Don’t forget to add an engraving!

6. Pick Class Rings in Your Favorite Color 

Is your heart already set on a color for every article of clothing and object of desire? Why not carry that trend over to your class ring selection? 

Gemstones come in almost every color imaginable so your options are limitless. Your favorite color can soon be worn on your favorite finger whenever you please once you select your gemstone.

Pink lovers, for example, are typically familiar with rose quartz and rose gold. These choices are often paired together for people who cannot get enough of pink!

Amethyst is a great choice for purple. Emerald is a luscious green. Garnet is red with passion! There are even soft pearls available for people who cannot get enough creamy colors.

7. Get a School-Color Gem Stone Ring

Do you not have a favorite color? No worries! Allow your school to do the picking for you. Since this is a school ring, why not sport the colors of the school you are graduating from?

School colors are often easy to source and can even be paired with multiple colors as well. If your school has multiple thematic colors, for example, you can invest in a dual gemstone class ring.

If your school’s colors are metallic then coordinate the color with your ring band. The possible class ring combinations are endless so don’t get discouraged!

8. Utilize Birthday Gem Stones

When in doubt, selecting a gemstone based on your birthday never fails. Every month has a coordinating gemstone and a quick search on the web can help you find yours.

Don’t worry, you can choose a different one if the calendar color does not match your aesthetic. In fact, if you are not satisfied with what the calendar says, consider consulting the zodiacs!

That’s right, every zodiac sign also has a corresponding gemstone. Astrology color associations are often thought to represent inner personality traits.

For example, Leos are fire signs who are often paired with warm colors. Pisces, however, is a water sign that is often seen in shades of blue.

9. Get Matching Gemstone Rings!

Are you and your best friend ending an education journey together? If you both are having trouble deciding on the perfect gemstone then there is an easy solution awaiting you both.

Matching gemstone rings! You both can design a ring that represents your time spent together rather than as an individual. 

The gemstone color can be a mixture of your favorite color and the band can be golden to symbolize an everlasting friendship. 

10. Choose the Ring Color Beforehand

Certain gemstones are complemented by different colors. Warmer ring bands like gold, for example, pair well with warm-colored gemstones. 

Cool-colored gemstone can also create a striking display when paired with a golden band. It all depends on the look you are hoping to debut.

Choosing the ring band color first, however, can help make the gemstone color decision much easier. Don’t be afraid to try adventurous color combinations. You could end up with something never seen before!

If you are wanting a tranquil design, a silver band is the safest option. Consider pairing the silver band with a light yellow citrine or light blue sapphire for a harmonious adornment. 

11. Pick the Gemstone in Your Budget

Gemstones are precious materials that can be worth more than you expect. The heavy price tag is due to the quality of the material and the precise cut of the stone.

If you are having trouble choosing a gemstone for your class ring, let your budget decide for you. Quartz stones, for example, are some of the most affordable

Don’t let their reasonable price fool you, their beauty is equal to their competition. Keep in mind, however, that these stones can be softer and thus prone to being scuffed, cracked, or broken.

Ready to Choose the Right Gem Stone?

Now you know all about the top 11 tips for choosing the right gem stone for your class ring. Are you ready to design the class ring of your dreams?

Remember, there are limitless color combinations to enjoy so be adventurous and choose a bold color that reminds you of the good times throughout your educational journey.

Still in need of more inspiration for your class ring design? Read our blog regularly to become inspired by trending class ring designs and color combinations!

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