10 Types of Class Rings and Where You Can Buy Them

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In 2021, an estimated 4.43 million college students graduated in the U.S. The past few years have not been easy, with many academic institutions having to resort to online learning and canceling in-person graduation ceremonies.

If you have made it this far, you should be proud of your accomplishments and all you have endured. And what better way to celebrate than with your very own class ring?

Class rings are part of a longstanding legacy, steeped in history and tradition. They have become a rite of passage to signify the completion of higher learning.

But what are some of the types of class rings you can buy? In this guide, we’ll explain 10 types of class rings as well as where to buy class rings.

Want to know more? Then keep reading to discover more all about class rings.

1. Women’s Oval Class Rings

If you are looking for a scaled-back and subtle design for your class ring, this Women’s Oval Class Ring still has plenty of beauty and shine to go around while representing your alma mater. Customize it with the name of your academic institution on the top around the center oval stone. 

Choose from 12 birthstone color-themed stones for your ring. From January Garnet’s deep rich red color to December’s icy-colored Blue Topaz

While there is no room on this particular style of ring for the traditional side emblems common on other class rings, the left and right ring shanks still allow for a name of up to 9 letters to be engraved on one side. The graduation year, or any other text you wish up to 9 letters, is engraved on the other side of the ring band.

You may also include an inscription to engrave on the inside of the band up to 15 characters. Choose from solid Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, solid 10K, or solid 14K gold for your ring’s metal options.

2. Women’s Oval-Cut Birthstone Class Rings

Another great option for a class ring is this Women’s Oval-Cut Birthstone Class Ring is a petite style that is sleek and elegant. A non-traditional band curves up asymmetrically around the top and the bottom of the ring. 

In solid Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, 10K solid gold, and 14K solid gold metal finishes. Whether you prefer the yellow tones of gold or the shimmer of silver, we’ve got you covered. 

A brilliant stone sits in the middle of an oval-cut setting surrounded by a solid black background. You can customize this area with your high school or university’s name. Pick from a rainbow of 12 different color stones for your class ring to make it truly radiate on your finger. 

The class ring’s shanks at the top and bottom of the stone setting are customizable with your name and year of graduation or any other text of your choosing, accommodating up to 8 letters on each part of the band. The inside of the band is also engravable as well, with an inscription of up to 20 characters.

3. Women’s Oval-Cut Heart Twirl Birthstone Class Rings

For a sparkling and feminine take on class rings, this Women’s Oval-Cut Heart Twirl Birthstone class ring knows how to dazzle. A gorgeous oval-cut birthstone sits in the middle of a vertical oval setting. To the left and right of the stone is a smaller accent stone set in an embedded heart-shaped setting.

The top portion of your ring has space to customize your school’s name around the stone, or you can put your name and graduation year here. You have space for 25 characters for the top section of your ring and 9 characters for the bottom section.

The ring’s top and bottom wording are separated by two stars that match the color of your class ring’s desired metal band type. 

Since this ring does not allow for engraving on the outer portion of the band, you may choose to put your name and graduation year on the inside of the band instead. With this option, you’ll have up to 20 characters on the inside of the band to personalize with whatever message you want.

4. Women’s Long Oval Logo Class Rings

If you’re not a fan of class rings with birthstones in the center, then you may opt for this Women’s Long Oval Logo Ring. Its simple vertical oval design allows you to feature your university’s name front and center on top of the ring with an accent star on the bottom.

With 25 characters available to personalize, this ring provides plenty of customization space that wraps around to encircle the center of the ring. Even better, you can upload your university’s logo to display right in the middle where the stone would normally go so there’s no doubt which institution of higher learning you attended.

It is coordinated in your chosen class ring’s metal band color and type. This class ring is ideal for focusing on the metal type’s coloring and natural sheen since there is no stone as a focal point. 

The left and right shanks of the ring can display your name on one side and your graduating year on the other side. You may enter up to 8 letters or characters per side for customization.

5. Men’s Cushion With Initial Top Class Rings

The Men’s Cushion With Initial Top class ring is a big and bold ring that stands out from other class rings. Again, instead of opting for a particular cut and color of stone, this ring prominently displays a large single initial on the top.  

Around the outer part of the ring’s top and bottom surrounding the initial is a space to place your university’s name, with 15 character spaces for both areas. This ring is reminiscent of a signet-style ring that was once worn in the early periods of history and class rings.

The left and right shanks of the ring give you the space to choose or upload custom logos. These insignia could represent your field of study, your school’s mascot, your favorite hobbies, campus clubs you joined, athletics you participated in, or even your fraternity house chapter’s emblem. This design is also available for women.

Above these logo sections is a space for 9 characters on each side where traditionally your name and graduation year would go. However, you could also put an abbreviation of your major or a nickname here in case you would prefer instead. 

6. Men’s Signet Style Princess-Cut Stone Class Rings

A modern take on the classic signet ring, this Men’s Signet Style Class Ring has a square-shaped Princess cut stone at its center. For your stone, you can choose from the corresponding stone of your birth month, or you can pick a stone color to represent one of your school’s main colors.

The top part of the ring above the stone and the space below the stone is for putting your school’s name with a limit of 15 characters per line. To the left and the right of the stone are 3 small round accent stones. This design is also available for women.

The left and right shanks of the class ring’s band can hold a custom logo or emblem. Place your honor society insignia here, your school’s mascot, fraternity, your astrological sign, or whatever you want to put here that best represents you.

Above the logo section, you can put your graduation year on one side and your name on the other up to 9 characters, but again it is your ring so you can ultimately decide how you want it to look. 

7. Men’s Class Rings With a Bridge

The Men’s Class Ring with Bridge offers another way to add extra personalization to your class ring. This ring has all of the features of a typical class ring with a bridge that crosses over the top of the ring and the stone from one side to the other. 

This band or bridge is great for adding your name to the top of your ring, the name of your school’s mascot, your degree or major, or an inspirational word you want to feature that is up to 8 letters long. This style is also available for women.

This ring also features a large cushion-cut style stone at its center that comes in 12 stunning color varieties. These colors each connect to a particular month’s birthstone, such as September’s deep blue Sapphire-colored stone, May’s rich green Emerald-colored stone, or July’s vibrant Ruby-red hued stone.

The left and right side flanks of the class ring’s band can each accommodate a custom logo and a section of text above the logo of up to 9 letters.

8. Men’s Emerald-Cut Class Rings with Cubic Zirconia Accents

The Men’s Emerald-Cut Class Ring features a beautiful large emerald-cut stone at its center.

It is also accented by 4 small round cubic zirconia stone accents in convex box settings, with two accent stones on the left and right of the main stone. Your stone can be one of 12 bright and brilliant colors, so you’re certain to find one that wows.  

The left and right shanks of the ring’s band provide ample space for additional customization through the use of the two areas where you can upload your own logos or emblems to represent you and your time spent at your educational institution. This style is also available for women.

The band’s shanks are customizable with 9 characters of text on each side above the chosen logos. The inside of the band is also engravable with a message of up to 15 characters of text.

9. Men’s Cushion With Oval Center Stone Class Rings

This Men’s Cushion with Oval Center Stone features an oval center stone as its focal point with 3 cubic zirconia accent stones on the left and the right of the stone. Don’t forget to pick the color of your stone from our colorful array of birthstones that will make your class ring pop. 

Whether you go with a gold or silver-toned metal for your class ring, this style will look exceptionally good either way. Its distinct look is sure to catch the eye of whoever sees it. 

The top part of the ring is in the shape of a cushion with a striking black contrast material over the metal. It is customizable with up to 15 characters of text above and below the stone for putting your university’s name. This design is also available for women.

Choose from an existing catalog of logos and emblems for the side shanks of your class ring, including the flags from other countries, faith-based symbols, mascots, military emblems, animals, hobbies, and more. Or you can upload your own unique and custom logos. 

10. Men’s Marquise Shape Stone Class Rings

For a unique and noteworthy class ring, the Men’s Marquise Shape Stone Ring is the way to go for a dramatic look. It is quite the attention-getter. It has a unisex appeal that is contemporary and stylish for a modern, trendy design you’re sure to get compliments on.

The symmetrical and horizontal Marquise-cut shape stone resembles a cat’s eye. The multifaceted Marquise stone comes in 12 vivid colors that gleam and dance in the light from every angle. 

The top of the ring is customizable with 15 characters of text above and below the stone. It appears to curve around the stone itself. This ring is also available for women

The artistry of this ring makes it well-suited for those creative individuals pursuing artistic fields such as music, photography, painting, and theater. And for the ring’s side shanks, there are a variety of creative art and humanities logos and emblems to choose from for personalizing your ring.

Beautiful and Affordable Quality Class Rings

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