10 Tips for How to Measure Your Ring Size

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Did you know that the average ring size for women in the U.S. is a size 7? The average ring size for men is a size 10.

If you have rings that you frequently wear, it’s important to have the right ring size. Whether it is an engagement ring, statement ring, or a class ring, you don’t want something too loose or too tight on your finger. 

While going to a professional jeweler to get a custom measured size is preferable, it’s not always convenient, especially for online ring purchases. Other factors can influence your ring’s size as well, such as the weather.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips for measuring your ring size. Keep reading for more information on how to figure out your ring size.

10. Measure Your Finger Multiple Times a Day

One of the biggest factors that can impact your ring size is the time of day. It has been scientifically proven that your fingers swell and expand overnight while you are lying still and sleeping. This swelling can go down during the day while you move around more and the fluid in your hands and fingers decreases.

Alcohol and salt consumption can also cause swelling in your fingers. If your rings feel tight in the morning, they could become looser during the day and slide down your finger or fall off altogether.

If you only measure your finger once in the morning or the evening before you purchase a ring, you will not get an accurate enough measurement of how your finger size fluctuates throughout the day. This will result in a ring that is too loose and wobbly.

9. Consider Changes in the Temperature 

Just like the time of day you measure your ring size, you must also consider the climate where you live and the temperature changes.

If you live in a region where it is cold most of the time, your fingers will decrease in size due to the restriction of the blood flow in your hands. This will make your rings fit looser on your fingers.

If you live in a primarily warm climate, the heat will make your fingers swell and expand to allow the heat to escape in an effort to cool your body down. Your body will also retain water in the heat, so your rings will often feel tighter on your fingers.

Make certain you have an accurate measurement in cold and warm temperatures to ensure a proper ring fit.

8. Measure the Knuckle of Your Ring Finger

You want to make sure that the ring can be removed and slide easily over the knuckle if need be. But the ring should also not be overly loose or so big that it slides off the knuckle by itself or moves too freely on your finger. 

However, if your ring cannot slide past your knuckle for removal, it is probably too tight. Compare the measurement of your knuckle to the measurement of the base of your finger where you will be wearing the ring most often.

If your knuckle’s measurement is bigger than the measurement for the base of your finger, select the ring size that is between these two measurements for optimal comfort and also for the security of the ring on your finger.

7. Buy a Ring Size Measuring Tool Online

Many online retail sites have inexpensive ring sizers you can buy to get a more accurate measurement of your finger’s ring size.

There are versions of ring sizers that are similar to the ones professional jewelers may use that have several sizes of metal or plastic rings on a large key ring. This allows you to flip through and try on each one until you find the best fit. 

There is also a type of ring sizer that looks and works like a zip-tie for your finger. It has marks on it that show different sizes or measurements. Just slip it on your finger and pull the other end until it cinches to a good fit and take a note of what size it indicates.

6. Go to a Professional Jeweler

If you require an accurate fit for your ring, go to a professional jeweler to get a professional measurement done. Jewelers will be able to provide a more custom fit for your ring, offering quarter-size ring measurements and resizing services.

This is especially important for an item such as an engagement ring or a family heirloom ring that correct sizing is necessary to ensure proper fit. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

5. Measure with a Soft Tape Measure

Of course, using a soft tape measure is the best method how to find your ring size at home. Wrap the soft tape measure around the base of your finger and write down the number from where one end meets the other.

Tape measurers give measurements in inches and centimeters, so you will need to convert the number to millimeters to find your ring size. 

As previously stated, you should also measure the knuckle on the finger where you will be wearing the ring for the majority of the time. Size the ring accordingly to make sure the ring will fit securely and can move comfortably past the area of the knuckle.

Everyone’s fingers are different based on the length of your fingers and the overall size of your hands. The fingers on your dominant hand will always run a half-size larger because they are used more often.

4. Measure with a Piece of Paper or String

There are paper ring size templates available online that you can use to measure your ring size at home. Make certain the print settings are correct on your printer so it doesn’t come out too big or too small.

Then, you just cut it out and make a little slit in the paper where the narrow end can slide through. Wrap the paper around your finger and gently pull the end through the slit until it is comfortable on your finger. Make a note of the size indicated. 

Or, if you prefer, you can use a piece of string or twine to wrap around your finger. Mark where the two pieces meet comfortably on your finger, not too tightly. Then, lay the piece of string down against a flat ruler and measure it, converting it to millimeters. 

3. Understanding the Measurements of Ring Sizes

Ring sizes usually take into consideration a ring’s circumference and or its diameter. The circumference is the total measurement of the circular part of the ring around. The diameter is the measurement of the ring’s inside center across from one side to the other. 

Rings most often are measured in millimeters (mm). To give a few examples, a size 7 ring measures 17.3 mm in diameter. with a total circumference of 54.4 mm around. A size 10 ring would be 19.8 mm in diameter with a total circumference of 62.1 mm around.

In the U.S., there is a numerical scale of ring sizes typically starting at 3 and going up to size 13, with half sizes in between. Though some rings may be available in as big as a size 14 or larger, depending on an individual retailer’s selections. The UK ring size chart is an alphabetical scale with quarter and half sizes in between.

Always check a site’s specific ring size chart to make sure there are no discrepancies between theirs and another site’s ring sizes.

2. Use an Existing Ring as a Size Comparison

Most online jewelry websites will have a ring size chart where you can measure the inside circumference of an existing ring to get an idea of what size you are looking for in a new ring.

The ring you use for your size comparison should fit comfortably and be roughly the same metal, band width, and design type you want to buy. 

Men’s rings tend to have thicker bands and sturdier metal materials comprising the band when compared to women’s rings. So, they may benefit from having a slightly larger size for more comfortable wear.  

1. Order a Half-Size Larger

If all else fails, err on the side of caution and opt for a half-size larger ring. It is always easier to get a large ring resized to be smaller than it is to resize a ring that is too small of a size to a larger size.

While it may be possible to resize a ring 2 or 3 times, each time the ring undergoes a resizing process, it can mess with the ring band’s construction and overall durability. So, it is best to only get it resized once and with as small of a size difference, if possible.

Rings with wider or thicker bands should also be ordered a half size larger to allow for more freedom of movement. This will also allow for taking off the ring and putting it on easier because there is more room for moving it past the knuckle. 

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