10 Tips for Finding Your Class Ring Style

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Did you know that the origins of the class ring date as far back as 1835? Your class ring is a huge part of your college or high school experience. It not only links you to your alma matter and your other classmates, but it is also a symbol of all of your hard work and your accomplishments.

Your class ring is a piece of memorabilia that will be treasured for years to come. Today, there are many different ways that you can customize your class ring in a variety of styles. But which ring style is right for you?

In this guide, we’ll give you tips for how to style rings and how to find the ring style that speaks to you. Keep reading for more information.

1. The Type of Metal

The type of metal can vary based on the selections offered and an individual’s personal preference. Some may opt to go for traditional gold, which comes in 18k, 14k, and 10k varieties. 

The higher the karat count you select, the more real gold content your ring will have. But the more gold you have in your ring, the more expensive it will be.

14k gold is 53.8% real gold and the other 41.7% is made out of a metal alloy. 18k gold is 75% real gold with the remaining 25% an alloy of copper or silver. 10k gold is 41.7% real gold with 53.8% made from other alloys.

Brass gold is a metal alloy usually made of 33% zinc and 67% copper. It gives that gold look without the gold price.

Sterling silver is more costly than stainless steel because it has a silver content of 92.5% with only 7.5% metal alloy. Stainless steel is more durable and doesn’t tarnish like sterling silver.

2. The Color of the Metal

Sterling silver and stainless steel will make your ring appear with more silver tones. Sterling silver has more of a soft silver sheen while stainless steel has a more vibrant silver shine. 

18k gold, because of its higher gold count, will have a more bright golden yellow tone to the metal. Brass gold is not true gold and will appear as a more bronzed gold metal in color.

14k and 10k gold have the most natural gold appearance, but cost much less than 18k gold.

3. The Type of Center Stone

Birthstones are popular choices for stones in class ring styles. Each month has its own correlating birthstone. 

  • January-Garnet
  • February-Amethyst
  • March-Aquamarine
  • April-Diamond
  • May- Emerald
  • June-Alexandrite
  • July-Ruby
  • August-Peridot
  • September-Sapphire
  • October-Tourmaline
  • November- Citrine
  • December-Tanzanite (or Blue Topaz)

Of course, it’s your personalized ring. So there’s nothing to say that you have to stick with your birthstone for your class ring stone. You can pick whatever stone you like or that has a special meaning to you.

4. The Color of the Center Stone

Tying in with the birthstone category is the color of the stone. If you’re not dead set on going with your specific month’s birthstone, you can just look at the stones available and pick one that is your favorite color or your school’s color.

January’s stone Garnet is often a deep red color, while July’s stone the Ruby is just a tone lighter red. February’s stone Amethyst is an intense purple while October’s stone Tourmaline is a pinkish hue. 

Between September’s stone Sapphire and December’s stone Tanzanite, Sapphire is a rich, deep blue and Tanzanite is a blueish, violet purple. 

June’s Alexandrite is a brownish color compared to November and Citrine’s light brownish yellow coloring. May’s Emerald is a deep and vibrant green compared to August Peridot’s light lime to olive green.

April is unmistakably a clear diamond color. March’s Aquamarine stone is a brilliant greenish-blue color.

5. The Cut of the Stone

When customizing your ring style for your class ring, there are also many types of stone cuts to choose from that will give your ring a distinct look. A gemstone’s cut determines how many facets it will have. The more facets in a stone, the more it will shimmer in the light. 

These are the most common types of stone cut.

  • Princess-Cut
  • Oval-Cut
  • Cushion-Cut
  • Emerald-Cut
  • Round-Cut
  • Marquise-Cut
  • Baguette-Cut

A Princess-cut stone is often a square or rectangular cut stone popular in engagement ring settings. The side cuts of a Princess-cut stone are contoured to look like an upside-down pyramid with the facets going down into the ring instead of up towards the surface. Princess cuts are known for having extra brilliance and fire, the light that refracts back. 

Oval-cut and Round-cut stones are self-explanatory. The oval-cut stone is just a longer version of the round-cut stone. They are both known for having multiple small facets so that they glitter in the light from every angle.

A Cushion-cut is a square-shaped stone with cut or rounded corners and multiple facets for more shimmer in the light. A Marquise-cut is a uniquely shaped stone cut that looks like a long, skinny football or a kayak.

An Emerald-cut and a Baguette-cut may look similar a baguette-cut stone does not have rounded corners and are more rectangular. Both have fewer facets than other stone cuts. 

6. Accent Stones

Some may want to have accent stones on their class rings while others may prefer to just have the center stone as the focal point of the class ring. Accent stones are used to add extra glam to the outer portion around the center stone.

Small diamonds or diamond-like stones may form a circular halo around the center stone, Or they may be lined up with two to three on the left and right of the stone in a square setting. More dainty ring styles may only have one accent stone at each side.  

Accent stones show off or accentuate the natural beauty of the main stone itself. They are another way of adding personality to your class ring style. They can be used on men’s and women’s rings equally. 

7. Symbols on the Sides of the Ring

Class rings are unique because they allow you to also customize the sides of the ring with symbols and pictures. These could pertain to a favorite hobby, the mascot of your school, or in relation to your major or favorite subject.

You can choose from a catalog of logos, designs, and mascots. You may even be able to upload your own photo that can be incorporated onto the side of the band of your class ring. This way you’ll always remember what college or high school meant to you years later.

 8. The Width of the Band

Of course, when it comes to class ring styles, there are different types of ring band styles as well.

Men’s ring styles incorporate thicker, wider bands because of their larger hands. There are men’s ring styles for class rings that are about the same width and ring style as a standard men’s wedding band.

Women’s class rings tend to have thinner and more decorative bands. While other variations are interchangeable with the men’s bands. It is your decision whether you want to be bold and modern or go for a more chic and elegant look. 

9. Engraving for Your Ring

Most class ring bands are thick enough to support some kind of engraving or inscription on the inside of the band.

You can have your name engraved on the inside of the band or a short song lyric or favorite movie or TV quote. Some may want to inscribe the chapter and verse that connects to a Bible verse about graduation inside. As long as it’s not more than a few words because space is limited. 

If a family member is buying the ring for you as a gift, they may want to put something inside to remind you of all your hard work like, “Proud of you!” or “We love you!” or “You did it!” Whenever you look inside of this ring, you will remember that you have people who love you and support you.

10. Other Ways to Customize Your Class Ring

If you want something classic, you may want to opt for a more traditional signet ring style. It is a timeless and more simplified ring style that is also a class ring option.

A signet is a ring that has a flat top usually with an initial, logo, or emblem etched into the top. Men who were in seats of government power or belonged to private organizations wore signet rings to distinguish who else was a member. Signets were also used to sign or seal important documents by placing the ring in wax to imprint the insignia.

There are also rings with a bridge across the stone that looks like a banner. You can put your name, your school’s name, or your fraternity or sorority house’s motto or lettering here.

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Of course, the ring style you choose for your class ring is ultimately up to you. But that’s the fun part about it. You get to design a custom piece of jewelry that’s all about you. Something you’ll always treasure.

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