10 Tips for Choosing a Graduation Ring


Did you know that the concept of a class ring dates back to 1835? It’s a long-time tradition that still strikes at the heart of students all over the country.

When you start pondering about buying a graduation ring, it seems overwhelming at first. There are many factors to keep in mind and a lot of elements to juggle to get the perfect match. No one wants their ring-buying process to be stressful, so it’s important to seek help when necessary.

This is why we’ve put together this thorough guide full of tips and advice that’ll give you all the information you need to find the best class ring. Check it out down below!

1. Understand Your Desires

Do you know what you want from your class ring? Are there any aspects of your time at school that you want to make the focal point of your ring? Do you want a ring that’s wearable every day or something more for display purposes?

These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you ever look at any class ring designs. Without knowing the answers to these questions, it’ll be much harder to find the ring that’ll give you the most joy.

By knowing your specific desires for your class ring, you’ll be less likely to flounder when faced with a wide variety of customization options. Instead, you’ll have ideas planned out and it’ll be easy to eliminate certain choices without any anxiety.

It’s a great help for any student who feels stressed out at the mere thought of starting to look through the options.

Take the time to write down all of the different things you want to cherish within your ring’s design. This preparation will go a long way in making the entire searching process easier for you!

2. Research What’s Available

It’s difficult to come up with a great college class ring when you don’t even know what’s available on the market. Although many class ring companies offer a huge variety of options, sometimes the type of style you want doesn’t exist.

It’ll slow down your design process if you spend time imagining something that’s not possible.

Plus, it’s never a fun time to come up with something you love, only to realize it’s not a feasible option. You’ll find yourself back at square one with diminished motivation.

Before you begin, make sure to look through the seller’s styles and research how they approach the ring creation process. It also doesn’t hurt to send that company a message inquiring if it’s possible to create something new that they don’t offer on their website. It’ll cost more, but it could be worth the effort if it gives you the result you’ve always wanted.

3. Find a Reputable Seller

Many companies sell class rings. They have their own quirks that give each ring a unique flair.

The problem is that with so many companies on the market, it’s difficult to know which companies are trustworthy. Things may look good, but how do you know for certain?

A website that looks legit is no longer the only prerequisite to finding a reputable seller. It’s far easier for scam companies to put up a beautiful website today than ever before.

That’s why you’ll need to research each company before you decide to deal with them.

Look through the reviews for the company and see how other customers felt about their service. Search for lists of scam sites and make sure it’s not listed there. Ask your classmates if they’ve ever heard of the company.

This helps protect you from companies that want nothing more than to steal your money!

4. Test Your Ring Size Beforehand

Do you know your ring size? Many people don’t have this kind of information at the ready, but you’ll need to know this if you’re looking for a high school class ring.

A correct ring size prevents the risk of receiving the ring only to realize that it doesn’t fit. While it’s always possible to send it in for refitting, no one wants to have to deal with that. Knowing your ring size also makes the design process simpler because it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

Going to a jeweler for a proper fitting is always the best choice, but it’s possible to get accurate results at home as well.

Take a ring that fits well and measure the diameter. A universal ring chart gives you a clear idea as to the size you need for your ring.

Using a tape measure is a handy tool if you don’t have any rings to use, but you need to be careful. Wrapping it around your finger is no easy feat. Measure several times to get an accurate reading.

Even with this extra prep, it’s still possible a ring ends up a little too big or small. Don’t hesitate to send it to the company to refit it until it fits perfectly!

5. Choose the Right Style

There are several common styles for class rings. Some show off the traditional thicker style that allows for a lot of engravings and details. More modern rings put fashion first and look far more like a beautiful ring you’d see in a magazine.

As you come up with the perfect ring design, it’s good to check out the different styles. Are you more of a traditionalist or do you prefer a modern twist?

It’s also good to take into account the purpose of your class ring. Your choice of style may vary depending on if you want it to stay as a displayed memento in your home or if you’d like to wear it along with your other accessories. The durability of the metal makes a big difference in whether or not a ring is wearable.

Solid Gold

The most classic metal choice is solid gold. It’s beautiful, warm, and feels luxurious. The problem with gold is that it’s softer than most other metals, making it more vulnerable to damage.

Plated Gold

Plated gold is not only a cheaper option than solid gold, but it’s also a stronger option. It gives you a solid core covered by the classic beauty of gold. It’s a great alternative that’s easy on the budget.

Sterling Silver

If you’re more into the look of silver, sterling silver is your best bet. It has a beautiful color while also maintaining a strength that’s better than gold. Due to its neutral color, it works great with any color scheme.


An interesting silver alternative is nickel alloy. This lightweight material has a lot of strength but many people have a nickel allergy that irritates their skin. This makes nickel far less desirable than other metals, but also makes it much cheaper.


Titanium is the new metal on the block, but it’s growing in popularity every year. The sleek silver color, excellent durability, and lightweight quality make titanium a breeze to wear. Even a ring with many details doesn’t feel cumbersome.

6. Decide Your Favorite Details

There’s no doubt that there are many memories and experiences you’ll want to include in your ring design. Ring designers do their best to add everything they can, but sometimes it’s impossible to get all of those intricate details to read well on a ring.

Instead of going with a lot of symbols and details, it’s better to pick a couple that means the most to you. Choose the ones that speak to your character and your values.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your class ring customization, try including memories such as:

  • School hobbies
  • Clubs
  • Your heritage
  • Year of graduation
  • Name of the school
  • Mascot
  • Sports
  • Star signs
  • Religious aspects
  • Music elements

There’s no right or wrong way to pick out the details that’ll make your ring unique. It’s an exploration of your personality so have fun thinking outside the box. As long as the ring company can create those details for you, there’s nothing stopping you from designing to your heart’s every desire!

7. Pick Heartwarming Colors

Color choices make or break a design since they evoke emotions in our subconscious. Anyone who looks at your class ring will feel those emotions that you want to convey.

You’ll want to start with the color of your metal and work from there. Do you want a cool-toned ring or a warm-toned ring? What is the color scheme that’ll give the right representation?

Choosing a color scheme helps solidify the idea you have for your ring. It’ll guide all of your choices and ensure that there’s a sense of cohesion throughout the entire ring.

8. Select a Matching Stone

When it’s time to pick out the featured stone on your class ring, you want to make sure it matches your selected color scheme. It’ll ruin the look of your ring’s design if the stone clashes with the metal details. The good news is that most metals tend to work well with all colors of the rainbow, but it’s still something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Another factor to consider is the overall durability of your chosen stone. Color, shape, and meaning are important qualities when it comes to design. Durability, on the other hand, is important for the longevity of your ring.

Is the stone strong enough to wear every day or is it better suited as a display? Does it have any temperature vulnerabilities? Does its level of hardness cause it to suffer from scratches?

It’s vital to know the details of your stone so that you understand how to care for and handle the ring at all times. Without this information, you could end up with a beautiful ring that doesn’t suit your needs. It’ll look great, but you’ll be afraid to ever wear it.

9. Investigate the Cost

Many students worry about the cost of their class ring. It’s an investment, but most believe it’s worth the extra cost because you’re creating a keepsake that represents a large portion of your life.

It’s better to spend the extra money to get all of the details you want instead of cutting back to save money. If you do this, it’ll result in a ring that doesn’t make you happy. It’ll tarnish the memories you’d hoped to instill upon the ring’s design.

To ensure there are no problems in your bank account, always do a thorough investigation of each aspect of the ring’s costs. Check out how changing certain details affects the cost. Remember to think about the costs of the general upkeep and cleaning of the ring.

Don’t forget to inquire with the company as to whether or not they offer payment installments. Your parents could be willing to help out with the costs as a graduation gift as well!

10. Order Early

Are you the type of student who waits until the last minute to finish a project? Do you often struggle with time management?

Ordering a class ring is one of those situations in life for which you’ll want to be an early bird. By ordering later in the year, you’ll find that many other students are doing the same thing. Many other students may want rings from the same company which makes it difficult for anyone to get their order in.

To avoid this headache, do everything you can to order as early as possible.

Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Set reminders on your phone so that it’ll warn you when a deadline approaches.

These steps make the class ring ordering process much easier for everyone involved!

Tell Your Story With a Beautiful Graduation Ring

The best thing about a graduation ring is the fact that it tells the story of your time at school. It’s a personification of your time spent at the school and allows you to show off your accomplishments. Anyone who looks at that ring gets a full sense of who you are and what you value most.

Make sure to take as much time as you need to come up with a design you love. It’ll be a memento that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

Looking to get the class ring of your dreams? Check out our shop to see how we can help you every step of the way!

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